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In life, you come across many situations which may be very challenging for you. These situations may change you, your lifestyle, your perception, your personality or it could be the other way around also- you may change the situation. It mostly depends on who is stronger at that time. And to make ourselves stronger to… Continue reading WHY GIVE PRIORITY TO PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT

SWOT Analysis
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SWOT stands for  Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats; therefore, a SWOT Analysis is a process of evaluating these four elements in your organization or business. This analysis can be used to your advantage to compare with what you have to your business's best benefit. Furthermore, you can lessen the chance of setbacks by understanding what… Continue reading HOW TO DO PERFECT SWOT ANALYSIS



Product managers are continually overwhelmed with many assignments. Since time is restricted, effectiveness relies upon their capacity to prioritize. Time management rotates around decisions - you choose what you need to do when you need to complete and what errands you need to handle to arrive at your objectives. If you decide to make high-esteem,… Continue reading BEST TIME MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES

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In this video, Mr. Anurag Aggarwal, business coach, explains 5 steps of correcting employees's mistakes. He tells what mistakes are generally done by businessmen when dealing with the employees. He also gives examples to explain these mistakes. Hierarchy should be followed properly. Appreciate in public, reprimand in private. Consider the viewpoint of your employee also.… Continue reading 5 STEPS OF CORRECTING EMPLOYEE MISTAKES

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It is every business' dream to tap into the potential of each of its employees. However, the best way to do this is not to focus on them individually but as team members. In this way, the business owner can make sure that the team works together to tackle projects as effectively as possible. In… Continue reading HOW TO OPTIMISE YOUR TEAM PERFORMANCE

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When starting up a business, you need to be a risk-taker. This is because not every day sales will go up. Somedays, the sales will be meagre and the profit so small. In this section, we will learn the few steps to take to boost your sales. To increase sales in your business, you should… Continue reading HOW TO GROW YOUR SALES

How is Your Body Language Read | Anurag Aggarwal | Piblic Speaking and Personality Development Trainer
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We often hear,” Each and every human is different”? Why usually we don’t quote “All dogs are different”? The reason lies in the fact that human gestures, facial expressions, body movements & postures differ from those of animals. All of which can be interpreted to have different meanings depending upon the context of communication. Kinesics… Continue reading HOW IS YOUR BODY LANGUAGE READ

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Visiblity Attracts Customers

Today's market is a very competitive one. Your customer has a lot of choices and thus it is all the more important to stand out from others. If the customer is not attracted by your product, he will go to the competitor. Thus, retain the customer it is very important to have products which attract… Continue reading Visiblity Attracts Customers


If You Know This Then the Customer will Never Run Away

It is always important for a businessman to make and retain his customers because a business cannot run without customers. A businessman has to wise and clever enough to make new customers. It is not an easy task. And retaining them can be an even bigger challenge. So here, Mr. Anurag Aggarwal, a renowned business… Continue reading If You Know This Then the Customer will Never Run Away

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11 Tips to Improve Your Body Language

We are often reminded that” The First Impression is the Last Impression.” How long it takes for the ‘First Impression’ to be made? 10 minutes? 15 minutes? 30 minutes? 1 hour? We all are wrong till now; Researchers have found that it takes only 7 seconds amidst your first contact to create a First Impression. Amazing! Isn’t It? But how we can impress any Stranger in just 7 seconds of our lives? That’s where Body language comes into play! Body language contributes to the major part of the attitude you want to convey to another individual. According to Albert Mehrabian, 7% of what is communicated is via what is said, 38% is via tone of voice, and the majority, 55%, is via body language. This is also referred to as the ‘7%–38%–55% Rule’.