Mr Anurag Aggarwal has been awarded the “Best International Business Coach of The Year 2018” at the Global Business Awards. He also received “The Most Promising Business Trainer & Motivational Speaker” award at Global Leaders Awards “Enterprise Edition 2019” held in Dubai UAE.

Our Business Training is specially designed for businessmen and managers to enhance their business skills.

Duration: 6 months

Sessions: 4 hrs per week



Self Management

  1. How to run office without going (Auto Pilot)
  2. Building Memory to remember all activities and names
  3. How to delegate and deputise work
  4. How to make your vendors happy
  5. Negotiation skills
  6. How to convince people to your point of view
  7. Investments. Investments. Investments.
  8. How to lead people without getting offended
  9. How to improve your standard of living
  10. Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR). Social work.
  11. Developing relations with judges, Lawyers, CAs, Bureaucrats, MPs, HNIs, MLAs, and successful people

Employee Management

  1. Employees come employees go; business will not be affected.
  2. Employees don’t work” will be thing of the past.
  3. Employees tracking systems
  4. How to manage the managers
  5. How to secure your data (Confidentiality of data)

Customer Management

  1. A happy customer is your agent for ever.
  2. How to set up efficient “customer care”
  3. How to improve your relations with customers
  4. “Payment in time” mechanism
  5. How to have zero-defect, zero-loss lead system

Sales and Marketing

  1. How to increase you sales
  2. To have new customers in huge quantity
  3. How to bring customers from Website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram
  4. How to start branches, shops and offices all over India
  5. How to create competition between teams to increase sales

Production Management

  1. How to reduce your production cost
  2. What to outsource and what not to!

Brand Management

  1. How to earn name-fame-image
  2. How to organise off-site and on-site seminars yourself
  3. Product launches, customer meetings
  4. MDs-HODs-CEOs Off-Site meetings
  5. How to hire a PR company/ PR executives

Cost Saving Management

  1. How to employ “work from home” candidates all over the country
  2. How to employ staff in less cost
  3. How to save lakhs and crores of experiments



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