Negative Body Language- Lapses of Non Verbal Communication | Anurag Aggarwal | Public Speaking Trainer
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Negative Body Language: Lapses of Non-Verbal Communication

Body language is a major part of your non-verbal communication. It includes your gestures, postures, and your movements. The way you talk, the way you move around the stage and the way you look are all a part of your body language. It is rightly said that “actions speak louder than words”.

Do you Want to Make a Positive Impression on the Audience? | Anurag Aggarwal

Do you Want to Make a Positive Impression on the Audience?

In public speaking, when one addresses the people, there are some speakers whom you tend to forget just maybe a few days after the meeting but there are some whom you remember for a long time, maybe a lifetime. Among these also, some people leave a positive impression and some leave a not so positive… Continue reading Do you Want to Make a Positive Impression on the Audience?

Essential elements in public speaking
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The delivery of your speech before the audience relies on various elements. Even if you are delivering your first speech, the art of public speaking demands that you should be able to deliver your message in a way that it leaves an impact on the audience. Let us discuss some of the basic elements of… Continue reading 6 ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS IN PUBLIC SPEAKING

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3 ways to grow your business What is the most important thing to run a business? Business training? Advice from relatives and friends? Business tips? A business coach who can help you out? Yes, these may be required when you want to scale your business but there is one more important thing. Always keep in mind that your business… Continue reading 3 WAYS TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS

Traditional Business Methods | Business Training by Business Coach Anurag Aggarwal
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Is your business unorganized? Is your business unplanned? Is your business unstructured? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then it’s sad to say that your business still running on the traditional methods that were used in the 1970s, 80s, 90s. Even though the century has changed, but your methods of doing business are still old fashioned. Though there are many things to lead to the conclusion if your business is still running on traditional methods but here we will be discussing 10 of these points.

how to sell your products | Business coach Anurag Aggarwal | Business Training
Business Training


In this business training, we will be discussing how to sell your products in business? In business, sales and marketing play a key role. it is very easy to sell your products if you know how to sell but it will be very difficult for those who don’t know it.