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How to Find Speech Topics

Do you struggle to find a good speech topic to captivate your audience? Have you got a lot of thoughts on topics but just can’t seem to decide what to speak on? Well, then you will find it comforting to know that in public speaking it is indeed a tougher job to find the right… Continue reading How to Find Speech Topics

Public Speaking Tips to Deliver a Sensational Speech by Anurag Aggarwal
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Tips to Deliver a Sensational Speech

If you are wondering how some people are great at giving speeches, then let me tell you, it is an art anyone can easily excel. Yes, even you! You do not have to be like a Bollywood hunk with cash and stature to be a successful speaker. You simply have to learn some techniques to… Continue reading Tips to Deliver a Sensational Speech

BODY LANGUAGE- How to Remove Hesitation2 | Personality Development | Public Speaking | Anurag Aggarwal
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BODY LANGUAGE- How to Remove Hesitation (Part 2)

In the previous post we read about six points to improve the body language. Let us consider some point important things to be remembered for the same. No.7. Let us deal with your standing posture in this section. Sometimes, in the presence of an audience, your legs may start shaking vigorously. If such a thing… Continue reading BODY LANGUAGE- How to Remove Hesitation (Part 2)

Use of Flipchart in Public Speaking | Anurag Aggarwal | Public Speaking Trainer | Business Coach
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In the previous post, we recalled various types of visual aids that are used in public speaking. As said earlier, visual aids help the speaker to deliver the message in clear and crisp way so that the audience is able to understand better. In public speaking, you may use different types of visual aids depending… Continue reading TIPS TO USE VISUAL AIDS IN PUBLIC SPEAKING

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Have you always wanted to engage, motivate and inspire the audiences? Do you wish to become a highly recognized speaker? If so, you need to think beyond just informing or persuading audiences. Most of the people can speak and deliver their message but the important thing is to give that message in a way that… Continue reading HOW TO BECOME A CHARISMATIC SPEAKER

Tips on Giving a Power Point Presentation | Anurag Aggarwal
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Your slides and the slide show can leave a great impression on the audience. A well-designed slide can also make it really simple to send the message you wish to convey across the audience. There may not be any specific or a typical way of designing the slides but is most important thing to consider… Continue reading POWERPOINT PRESENTATION – PRINCIPLES OF DESIGNING

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Benjamin Franklin said “Being ignorant is not as much a shame, as being unwilling to learn”. In public speaking, we frequently use powerpoint presentations to deliver our message more distinctly and effectively to the audience. We might have been making and giving powerpoint presentations but some of us might be having difficulties in preparing them,… Continue reading BASIC TIPS FOR DESIGNING A POWERPOINT PRESENTATION`| ANurag Aggarwal
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Public speaking is one such thing that even the most successful people may find difficult to deal with. People often resist public speaking. But the good news is that researches have given many different techniques of conquering this fear and anxiety that come with public speaking. So here we are discussing some of these really… Continue reading STRATEGIES TO OVERCOME THE FEAR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING

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We have often heard that first impression is the last impression and this is true in the case of public speaking also. You hardly get a second chance to create your impression. So when you begin the speech, it’s very important to make a positive impression on your audience. How you start your speech is… Continue reading WAYS TO START A SPEECH

AAIEPS | Business Training | Public Speaking Course
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Speakers often overlook the importance of movement on stage while speaking but they should remind themselves of the same. It is one major step that helps the speaker to connect with the audience. When you come on the stage to deliver a speech or a presentation, you must remember that the stage is totally yours… Continue reading 6 ON-STAGE BODY LANGUAGE TIPS