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In our professional life, we have to communicate with so many people every day. This is the communication that we do not generally prepare. It just happens naturally. The professional talks that we do like this is actually an impromptu talk.

In public speaking, an impromptu speech can be an easy thing to do if you keep practicing for the same. Why is it that an impromptu professional talk is easy to do? Why is it not so difficult to talk to your co-workers or subordinates even while doing an impromptu talk? When it is not difficult to do an impromptu professional talk then why do you get stressed while giving an impromptu speech in an unknown gathering?

Let us examine what could be the possible reasons for having fear while giving an impromptu speech.

Reasons for being fearful of impromptu speech

Some people do overcome the fear of public speaking, fear of giving an impromptu speech with time and practice but there are people who always get butterflies and goosebumps as soon as they come to know that they have to present an impromptu speech. It is not that these people cannot become an expert in public speaking, it is just a matter of will and hard work.

Let us have a look at some of the reasons for being afraid of giving an impromptu speech:

  1. Native Language v/s Audience’s Language- We often think in our native language as we have an expertise in it over any other language. We are generally most comfortable with our native language. But when our native language is not the language in which we have to deliver the impromptu speech, then arises the problem. We generally do not think in English as it is not our native language. So we just need more practice in other languages too.
  2. The audiences are strangers– If the audience you have to face, the people before whom you have to speak is stranger (which usually is) then there are more chances that the speaker gets nervous and loses confidence. The nervousness is almost nil when you have to give an impromptu speech before known people.
  3. Fear of being criticised- We criticise ourselves even for the slightest thing done wrong. We are sometimes in such a habit of criticising ourselves that we start believing others will also criticise us. We assume that others will be judging us. The fear increases when someone from the audience stands up to ask you a question. You feel that the audience doesn’t understand you, they do not trust you, they did not like your speech which is why they are asking you questions. But the audience may not have any such feelings at all. These are mostly our own created perceptions. One must focus only on practicing impromptu speeches and on giving their best on the stage. You must forget about any kind of criticism.
  4. Are we ready? No, we are not. We are not ready for uncertainties and giving an impromptu speech may not be an exception. Whenever a person is asked to give an impromptu speech, he/ she goes blank for a few seconds because the person was not prepared for this uncertainty. This is the reason why people ask for some time to prepare the topic before delivering a speech on the stage as he/ she thinks they would be better off in giving a prepared speech.

These are some reasons why people have the fear of delivering an impromptu speech. The good news is that this fear can be easily curbed by practice and practice in public speaking. To become confident in impromptu speeches, join public speaking course or business training by Mr. Anurag Aggarwal, feel free to contact us at 7834-99-9292 or visit