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How to Find Speech Topics

Do you struggle to find a good speech topic to captivate your audience? Have you got a lot of thoughts on topics but just can’t seem to decide what to speak on? Well, then you will find it comforting to know that in public speaking it is indeed a tougher job to find the right… Continue reading How to Find Speech Topics

Public Speaking Tips to Deliver a Sensational Speech by Anurag Aggarwal
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Tips to Deliver a Sensational Speech

If you are wondering how some people are great at giving speeches, then let me tell you, it is an art anyone can easily excel. Yes, even you! You do not have to be like a Bollywood hunk with cash and stature to be a successful speaker. You simply have to learn some techniques to… Continue reading Tips to Deliver a Sensational Speech

Do you Want to Make a Positive Impression on the Audience? | Anurag Aggarwal

Do you Want to Make a Positive Impression on the Audience?

In public speaking, when one addresses the people, there are some speakers whom you tend to forget just maybe a few days after the meeting but there are some whom you remember for a long time, maybe a lifetime. Among these also, some people leave a positive impression and some leave a not so positive… Continue reading Do you Want to Make a Positive Impression on the Audience?

Essential elements in public speaking
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The delivery of your speech before the audience relies on various elements. Even if you are delivering your first speech, the art of public speaking demands that you should be able to deliver your message in a way that it leaves an impact on the audience. Let us discuss some of the basic elements of… Continue reading 6 ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS IN PUBLIC SPEAKING

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When you are trying to develop your public speaking skills, pay attention on learning to say nothing at all also. It is also an important part of public speaking. Give time to your audience to understand things. How can you do this? This can be done by giving PAUSES are relevant and required places for… Continue reading USING PAUSES IN PUBLIC SPEAKING

Public Speaking Training by Anurag Aggarwal, Public Speaking Trainer and Business Coach
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In such a competitive world where everyone is trying to leave behind the others and put themselves in the top most position, it is very important to be able to communicate your thoughts well and to be a good speaker to address others. Many companies spend lakhs of rupees every year for conducting public speaking… Continue reading WHY PUBLIC SPEAKING IS IMPORTANT

Audience in Public Speaking | Anurag Aggarwal | Public Speaking Trainer
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In a world of temptations, it is hard to stay focussed while facing the audience. But in public speaking, what is harder is keeping your audience focussed, having their eyes locked with yours, having their ears ringing with your voice and having their mind in sync with your actions. To keep a tab on these… Continue reading HOW TO STOP YOUR AUDIENCE FROM GETTING DISTRACTED

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Can you imagine a person who is unable to speak even two sentences together on a public platform can lead his nation to independence? The answer is YES and yes, we are talking about Mahatma Gandhi who led the freedom movement of India and that too through his oratory skills and non-violent methods. To elaborate… Continue reading HOW GANDHI OVERCAME HIS FEAR OF FACING THE AUDIENCE

BODY LANGUAGE- How to Remove Hesitation2 | Personality Development | Public Speaking | Anurag Aggarwal
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BODY LANGUAGE- How to Remove Hesitation (Part 2)

In the previous post we read about six points to improve the body language. Let us consider some point important things to be remembered for the same. No.7. Let us deal with your standing posture in this section. Sometimes, in the presence of an audience, your legs may start shaking vigorously. If such a thing… Continue reading BODY LANGUAGE- How to Remove Hesitation (Part 2)