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Attitude is Everything

I have a friend named Rahul. We were friends since college & I used to hangout with him a lot. It became a routine to sit for a cup of coffee with him at a CCD in CP.

Then I went to Australia for public speaking and business training programme & came back 2-3 years later.

I wanted to meet him but had lost his contact number. So I went to the same CCD where we used to meet & not very surprisingly I found him there.

His appearance had totally changed. He now had a big beard, long hair & was wearing a long kurta.

Looked not in the best of shape. He told me “Anurag all this rant of yours about positive thinking, building confidence is crap. Nothing happens with it.”

I asked him to leave all that and go to a movie together. That time Shah Rukh Khan was at the peak of his career. So we went to watch his movie.

While watching the movie I noticed that during the fighting scenes when Shah Rukh was getting a beating Rahul was also moving his shoulders in defence. It means that he was identifying himself with the character played by Shah Rukh.

In those 3 hours Rahul had completely identified himself with Shah Rukh. His attitude before the movie & after the movie was altogether different.

In the parking lot he jumped in his car and sped towards his home in Gurgaon. I yelled from behind to tell him that I was left behind, he was to drop me but he was in his own zone after the movie and zoooop he sped to his home. Highly spirited he was but when he was parking his car outside his house, it reminded him of the lady who is going to open the door for him does not look like Deepika Padukone,  all his positive attitude drifted away & he became the old Rahul. All his confidence fizzed out.

Whenever we watch a good movie or read an inspiring book or attend a motivational programme, our attitude goes sky high but the moment we come in contact of negativity we become negative.

Every new thing excites us: be it a new job, new marriage, new house etcetera but after some time all that excitement goes for a toss.

There was a student of mine. One day he came home late and drunk. His wife was standing at the door furiously with a broomstick to welcome him nicely. This fellow was very positive, he dramatically said to his wife “hey honey you are so hard working, even at this hour you are cleaning the house”. This brought a smile to his wife & her anger faded away, she served him warm dinner in the wee hours of the morning. See how with a positive approach he escaped a beating from his wife and got to eat warm and palatable dinner instead.

See another example, I was getting my house constructed. I asked my wiring guy to be careful with the naked wire, to this his reply was “Sir, I light my cigarettes with short-circuits”, though it may sound arrogant of him but see how confident he was of his work, full of positivity. It’s no surprise that he enjoyed his work. He was earning 4 times more than the other electricians in my area because of his positive attitude. Positivity is infectious. If you have it more people get attracted towards you. And you get more business.

What kind of employees do you like in your organisation? The ones who always come to you with problems or the ones who are try hard to solve the problems themselves?

If you are positive you will succeed in everything and accomplish the impossible.

You like to have positive people around. Negativity saps your energy.

My Guru always gave this example of Bata shoe company. Bata wanted to enter into African markets; it sent a marketing officer there to explore the avenues. On arriving in Africa he observed that people didn’t even have proper clothes. Many people there wore leaves and grass to cover themselves. So he sent his report to India that Africa is not a good market, people who can’t even afford clothes why would they purchase shoes.

The company called that officer and fired him. They sent another person to Africa to have second opinion. He went there and excitedly called his company office in India to tell them to send all their lot in Africa as he saw a huge market there. He said that here no one wears shoes thus, huge potential is here.

Same situation but two people perceived it differently. For one it was an opportunity for another it wasn’t.

It depends on your attitude what you want to see.

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