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Good morning friends,

“Make money quickly”

Today I would present my talk starting with three examples.
Example 1. My very close friend’s dad has earned nearly 5 cr in the last 50 years.
Example 2. That friend’s father in law has earned a whooping 50 cr in only last 15 years.
Example 3. And there between 1994 to 2007 Su-Kam inverter became a 5000 cr company in a mere 13 years. For Su-Kam inverter I am giving you data of only till 2007 as in 2007 I got the opportunity to meet its owner, Kunwar Sachdev, when I was invited to his factory in Budi, Himachal Pradesh for corporate training.

Why so much difference in these people? 
My friend’s dad – 5 crore in 50 years
His father in law – 50 crore in 15 years
Su-Kam inverter – 5000 croe in 13 years
Facebook – 5000 billion in 13 years

Why this difference?
The success formula that I am going to share with you today will be an eye opener for you…
“Anurag you say this in every video, in every thought you share with us.”
I know I am repeating myself but do let me know if I am mistaken because I know my formula can never go wrong.

Why does it happen that many people who are well educated, well experienced doing lot of out of the box thinking, make good progress in life whereas other people go leaps and bounds and that too in a very short duration. Let’s hear what is the difference in them in my friend ‘s words.

My friend told me that their bungalow is about 25 years old & he wants to renovate it with a stilt parking & a complete new building. But whenever he wants to discuss his plan with his dad, his dad always keeps procrastinating. Till date, no result. So now you must have understood the reason of phenomenal success of his dad!!

Next example:
My friend shared a story of his father-in-law wherein he told me that he was wanting to buy a second hand Mercedes Benz E class for a long time and being his father ‘s son, he himself was not taking any decision on which model to settle for. Six months went by and yet he couldn’t make up his mind. One day he told his father in law about this desire. His father in law asked him a few details like the model, the budget etc and to his utter surprise, his father in law sent two cars for test drive the same evening and also told him that he had already taken the test drive and not just that, he had also given advance payment for one of the cars. My friend was amazed and yes he also liked the same car his father in law had approved.

My friend further retails that he was sure his father in law must have bought this car for a little more than what he would have paid but if he had not let his father in law take this decision for him, it is quite likely that the car would still not be bought as he is very much like his own dad who keeps postponing decisions.

Example 3:
In 2007, I conducted a workshop for Su-Kam inverters in Baddi Himachal Pradesh. All the arrangements were made by them. We were given accommodation in a 5-star hotel along with the representatives of 146 channel partners of Su-Kam. Huge amount of money was spent on this 2 days training. But on the night before the training, someone gave a good proposal to Kunwar Sachdeva, owner of Su-Kam and immediately he postponed the training by one day. I told him that I would not be available as I had a packed schedule in Delhi. But I received a message that I would be well compensated for that additional day, hence I readily agreed to stay. The hotel was also given extra charges for extended stay. In fact a lot of modifications had to be made to accommodate that one extra day and it must have incurred an additional charge of 25-30 lacks!!

I eagerly wanted to meet Kunwar Sachdeva and ask him about all these changes and extra expenses. On the last day of training, I got this opportunity to meet him and I asked him what was the secret behind his success? I told him that 13 years before he used to sell batteries in Chandni Chowk on his Vespa scooter and today he runs 5000 crore plus company!!! How??

Kunwar said it was all his hard work, but on my further insistence, he looked me straight in the eye and said that it is all because of my quick decision making. I smiled as this was not just what I had expected but this was just what I had seen. I further asked him that quick decision may also sometimes prove to be more injurious than beneficial. He agreed saying that more often than not but he may lose in lacks but also earns in crores. I was surprised to hear this. He continued that it was not always that a decision would be perfect, but what is more important is that one should take a decision and implement it quickly. One shouldn’t be in a confused state of mind. Take a decision and move ahead.

Time is changing & is changing fast. So one has to move fast to be at par with time. Life is very short and you have come to do something big. Take quick decisions before time runs out, before life runs out.

MD of Omaxe Ltd, Jai Bhagwan says that he prefers to hire such employees who take quick decisions and yes these decisions should also be correct once in a while!! I really liked his words and like to repeat it often in front of people, in my sessions, basically everywhere.

I’d like to end by asking you: 
What kind of success would you want?
Like my friend’s father?
Like his father in law?
Like Kunwar Sachdeva of Su-Kam ?
Or like Marc Zukerberg of Facebook?
It all depends on you and your decisions.

Click here to watch the video (in Hindi).

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1 thought on “MAKE QUICK MONEY”

  1. No doubt quick and right decision makers make quick buck. But the real problem is how to inculcate the habit of taking quick and right decisions. One simple solution is that when you are driving or walking on road, give a quick look on the board outside the shops around you and decide on your mind as to what must be the business inside that shop. This habit will surely help you to take quick and right business decisions. Thanks.

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