Business Training


There are many myths that are related to business. In this business training video, we are going to discuss about these myths (with their ifs, buts and disclaimers if any).

A little knowledge is dangerous for business. You have to think before taking any step in business. But this does not mean that you would keep on thinking and not take any step. You have to strike a balance between knowledge and taking a quick action.

Let us start with the myths in business:

  1. First myth is you must know everything about the business before starting it. No, it is not. You need to spend money to keep the employees who know a lot and who know how to get the work done. They will get what they want and you will get what you want. After reaching a certain height, it is not important to know everything but you must know how to get the work done.

Disclaimer: Watch video from 3:25 min.

  1. Second myth is one must have full infrastructure. As per me, if you are not sure about the business, you must not make huge investment. Larger the investment in business, larger would be the risk in your investment. Tougher the mountains, smaller the steps.

Disclaimer : Watch video from 8:16 min.

  1. Third myth is auto pilot is not possible. People believe that you cannot run your business without being physically present there. But according to me, this is not true. Mukesh Ambani, Ratan Tata, Baba Ramdev they all don’t go to each of their office but they have their army to look after all the work. I myself have kept employees to look after each work in my office which is why I am able to give training at all 10 centers, I am able to give time to my health, for youtube videos etc.

Disclaimer : Watch video from 10:12 min.

  1. Fourth myth is wait for the right time to take a new step in business. I would suggest you to take the step right now. Don’t wait for tomorrow. In business there is no tomorrow.

Disclaimer: Watch video from 12:00 min.

  1. Fifth myth is there should not be transparency in business. As per me, there should be absolute transparency. All employees should have knowledge of what others are getting.

Disclaimer: Watch video from 13:16 min.

Watch full video below.


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