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9 Basics of Time Management

This video gives you some tips on time management: how to manage your time and get the best output. Though hours of workshops are conducted on this topic by Mr Anurag Aggarwal, but here he is trying to give you the best tips in lesser time.

Have you ever seen TIME? How does it look? Time is bald from the back and has long hair in the front. This give you a message and that is you cannot hold the time from the back.

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Basics of Time Management 

  1. Seize the day (from 0:51 min). The time the is once gone will never come back.
  2. Don’t procrastinate (from 1:02 min). If you want to live your life, live it right now. Don’t wait for any moment.
  3. Live in this moment (from 1:50 min). There is no time like after a month, after a year or so. Be happy for the moment. Live your life in this moment. “Our main business is not to see what lies at a distance.. but to do what lies clearly at hand..”
  4. Tomorrow is what you do today (from 3:37 min). Today whatever you are, you are because of what you did in the past. Whatever you will be tomorrow it will be all because of what you do today.


How to Manage Time (from 4:00 min.)

  1. Do carry a dated diary (from 4:04). Decide if you want to keep a hard copy or a soft copy.
  2. Paper Diary/Planner/Organizer/Scheduler
  3. Digital diary/Calender/Google Calender/Wonderlist/Reminder/To Do List etc.

Soft copy is easier to carry, manage and access as you always have your phone with you.

  1. Plan your day (from 6:43). Plan your day in advance and stick with it as much as possible unless there is an emergency. If you cannot stick to your plan, the whole planning will only be a waste of time.  
  2. Plan the day.
  3. Stick with your plan.
  4. Be disciplined.
  5. When to schedule your plan? (from 7:58) It is seen that many people plan their day after reaching office. In this case, their one-fourth day goes in planning only. Plan on the previous day and delegate the required work. Also schedule your week, month and also the year.

Year planning> 25th – 31st Dec

Month planning> 30th/31st

Week planning> Friday evening

Day planning> Previous day

  1. Make a to-do-list (from 9:34 min). To-do-list is a list of small or big tasks, recurring or non-recurring tasks that have to be done. Your To-do-list will keep on increasing.
  2. Prioritise Your Work (from 9:54 min). Always start your day with your important tasks, focus on them and the simpler and easier ones will follow.
  3. Allocate tasks to the appropriate time slot (from 12:41). Mention the tasks to be done on specific day and specific time in your daily diary. Do not use your daily diary for rough work. Mention only the things you want to remember.
  4. Don’t cramp words too much (from 13:14). Do not mention too many tasks. Just keep the number to 9-10.
  5. Don’t write routine tasks (from 13:40). Just mention the tasks you want to remember. Routine tasks are something you would not forget.
  6. Eat elephant bite by bite (from 14:10). Set your goals. And for these big goals, you should move forward step by step. You cannot achieve your goals in a day. But slowly and gradually you would be able to reach to them.

Click here to watch full video (in Hindi)

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