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COVID 19 is spreading all over the world at a great speed and various measures are been taken by the government and the individuals also to stop the spread of coronavirus.

During this time of the pandemic, we all were under a lockdown for a long time. We all have been at home and trying to utilize that time. Many of us are working from home, students are taking online classes, people are keeping themselves engaged by giving live sessions in whichever field they expertise and are getting themselves engaged in things they always wanted to do but never get time. From learning to working, everything today is happening virtually.

Even though the lockdown is been removed gradually in most of the states, we are been advised to avoid traveling and meeting people physically wherever possible.

The number of downloads of all apps like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Hangout, and many more similar apps has increased all of sudden since March because people are trying to stay connected through these.

Here is a trend that shows the escalation in the minutes spent on Microsoft Teams for remote work or learning.

Virtual meetings have gained a lot of importance for the obvious reason of being able to stay connected with the people. Many offices have reopened but the staff coming for work lesser than before, those who can perform work from home are been advised to do so. Since nobody knows that when will this time of crisis end, we are bound to be dependent on the virtual world.  

Tips/ Checklist for an Online Meeting or Session

In virtual sessions, since the person is not physically present in front of you, so there are possibilities that the other person may not be able to connect with you quite well and the session might not be as powerful as it should be. No wonders that your communication skills matter a lot but there are other points also to be taken care of. So, to make these virtual meetings more effective and meaningful, here are some tips you should keep in mind:

1. Try using a laptop for online meetings or sessions as a mobile phone may have limited features and also there may be distractions like phone calls and messages while your meeting or session is on.

2. Turn off your mobile (if not using it for a virtual meeting) and landline (if you have any). They can hinder the ongoing session, be it physical or virtual.

3. Turn off emails, chats, and message notifications as they can be a source of distraction.

4. Treat the space from where you are attending the meeting as your personal office space and restrict the entry of others when the session or meeting is on.

5. Only the upper part of your body (from face till mid-chest) is visible to the participants, so one must pay attention to keeping it neat, clean, and simple.

6. Avoid wearing a tie, a scarf, or a shirt with animal prints. Keep them really simple yet elegant.

7. Look at your hairstyle, your glasses, your clothes before starting a meeting. Make sure everything is in place and looks good on you.

8. Verbal communication is very important in virtual meetings. You just can’t do with the non-verbal communication if you want to keep your point forward. Your verbal communication skills play a vital role.

9. Your background should be as simple, clean, and clear as your looks. A cluttered background can be distracting.

10. Apps like Zoom give an option of choosing a virtual background so you may go with the green background which looks good enough.

11. While chatting with someone, make sure you are sending the message to the right person. You have the option to send a private message or messaging everyone in common.

12. Adjust your camera so that it looks like you are looking at the participants.

Keeping all the above points in mind is just the basic things to be taken care of before you start with an online meeting or session. Go ahead with these points and make yourself better with every virtual meeting you host or attend.