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Delegation is one of the most effective and crucial management skills. If you lack the ability to delegate, it may be difficult for you to reach to a higher position in management. Delegation helps in bringing out the from the people and using their potential to the maximum. Most important point to be considered in… Continue reading DELEGATION OF WORK IN BUSINESS


Anurag Aggarwal’s Adventure Vlog

With over 17 years of expertise, AAIPS, the Mecca of Public Speaking has been training and turning students into successful speakers. Their recent thrilling trip was to Shivpuri, Rishikesh, a beautiful tourist destination location in Uttarakhand. To make this trip an appealing and interactive session, they incorporated a number of adventurous activities. Rishikesh is very well-known for… Continue reading Anurag Aggarwal’s Adventure Vlog

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A Pathway to Personality Development

Each of us has a personality that makes us unique. Our personality makes us shine and brings success in the various spheres of our life. By honing our capabilities and qualities, we ensure and help ourselves to grow. Here are a few key ways for personality development. With consistent practice on these fronts of personality development, you can become a person with a pleasing and dynamic personality.