How to outshine your first interview

Do you want to outshine your first interview? Have you failed many times during a one-to-one Interview? Do you think it’s difficult to impress the interviewer, just in front of you?  From the moment you enter the workplace to your last day at work, you're viewed. Ensure that how you're moving, signalling, and carrying on… Continue reading How to outshine your first interview

what is the purpose of customer satisfaction


A solid customer base is a foundation for a company's overall growth in sales and revenue over a given period. This phenomenon is a result of the ability of the company to leverage its brand, product, and services to influence customers, thereby keeping the current crop of customers while attracting new ones. It is essential… Continue reading WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF CUSTOMER SATISFACTION



The fundamental role of competent management is at the heart of every company's success. Employers must demonstrate outstanding leadership and mentoring skills to get the best out of their employees. Elevating employee management is one of the necessities in this circumstance. It will allow you to achieve operational efficiency while incurring the fewest possible costs.… Continue reading WHY EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT IS IMPORTANT

can public speaking be learned


Public speaking is a process in which an individual speaks before an audience, small or large, in order to influence them, educate them, entertain them or persuade them. Not all renowned public speakers were born with public speaking skills. Most of them gradually learnt the art of public speaking and became remarkable speakers. Public speaking… Continue reading CAN PUBLIC SPEAKING BE LEARNED?



Product managers are continually overwhelmed with many assignments. Since time is restricted, effectiveness relies upon their capacity to prioritize. Time management rotates around decisions - you choose what you need to do when you need to complete and what errands you need to handle to arrive at your objectives. If you decide to make high-esteem,… Continue reading BEST TIME MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES


If You Know This Then the Customer will Never Run Away

It is always important for a businessman to make and retain his customers because a business cannot run without customers. A businessman has to wise and clever enough to make new customers. It is not an easy task. And retaining them can be an even bigger challenge. So here, Mr. Anurag Aggarwal, a renowned business… Continue reading If You Know This Then the Customer will Never Run Away


Fake News and Trollers Exposed

#8 गंदा है मगर धंधा है | Fake News और Trollers का पर्दा फ़ाश | Business Training by Anurag Aggarwal Anurag Aggarwal, a Business Trainer, exposes fake news and trollers. He explains what all people do to get more like, comments etc. and how they let their competitor down by doing similar things. This happens… Continue reading Fake News and Trollers Exposed


Ways to Stay Positive during Coronavirus

While half of the world is struggling with ways to fight the Viral fever that the fatal, deadly CoronaVirus has brought with it, the rest half of the world, is fighting what we call the Cabin Fever. It may not be easy to be a part of the world which is full of scary, horrible… Continue reading Ways to Stay Positive during Coronavirus

Do you Want to Make a Positive Impression on the Audience? | Anurag Aggarwal

Do you Want to Make a Positive Impression on the Audience?

In public speaking, when one addresses the people, there are some speakers whom you tend to forget just maybe a few days after the meeting but there are some whom you remember for a long time, maybe a lifetime. Among these also, some people leave a positive impression and some leave a not so positive… Continue reading Do you Want to Make a Positive Impression on the Audience?

Business Tips by Anurag Aggarwal | Business Coach | Business Trainer


Everything is fair in love, war and BUSINESS. Nothing is right or wrong to grow your business. So here are some tips which may sound unethical but may be necessary for growing your business fast. Hire fast, fire fast. This is necessary if you want to become a unicorn. There are at least 8 to… Continue reading UNETHICAL (maybe) BUT IMPORTANT TIPS FOR BUSINESS