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We have already discussed many ways to overcome anger in our previous post. Here are a few more tips on anger management. See other’s point of view. The 6 you are looking at may be 9 from the other person’s side. You may be wrong. Try putting yourself in other person’s shoes. If you see… Continue reading HOW TO OVERCOME ANGER (PART-2)

HOW TO OVERCOME ANGER | Anger Management | Anurag Aggarwal | Business Coach
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In the previous post, we discussed about the anger issue and what could be the drawbacks or short comings of anger particularly if you are a businessman. Now what can we do something for overcoming anger? Yes of course we can. Let’s begin the solutions now. 10. Sit down and have a talk. Ask him… Continue reading HOW TO OVERCOME ANGER- Solutions

Anger management | Anurag Aggarwal
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Benefits of Anger Management

Learning the skill of anger management is necessary as our life improve tremendously if we succeed in it. Although it is very difficult but after knowing its benefits we are bound to change ourselves. Here are some benefits of anger management which will change your personality.