Anger Management Tips by Anurag Aggarwal | Business Coach | Public Speaking Trainer
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We have already discussed many ways to overcome anger in our previous post. Here are a few more tips on anger management.

  1. See other’s point of view. The 6 you are looking at may be 9 from the other person’s side. You may be wrong. Try putting yourself in other person’s shoes. If you see other person’s point of you, there would a drastic downfall in the number of divorce cases.
  2. Talk to him. A lot of issues can be resolved simply by talking it out. It solves many misunderstandings. We often avoid talking because of our ego but try it out and things would be better.
  3. Think like a scientist, not a lawyer. A scientist always tries to find out the reason behind the happening and that’s what you should do. On the other hand, a lawyer always tries to find out mistakes of the other person and no issue can be solved this way. You would only end up spoiling your relationships.

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  1. Never say to the other person: “You are wrong”. If you say so, you are hurting his pride, his ego. Mahatma Gandhi said “Keeping quiet is the shortest way to win anger”. The moment you say “You are wrong”, you won’t build anything but you destroy a lot.
  2. Expect ingratitude. If you have done something for the other person and you expect gratitude in return then this is not the fault of the other person. Jesus Christ cured 10 leprosy patients but only one out of those 10 thanked him. Out of 75 criminals, nobody thanked the criminal lawyer. So the percentage of people who are thankful is very less. Gratitude is gradually cultivated. Teach your children to say thank you, sorry, please etc. Do not expect others to thank you because these expectations may not always be fulfilled.
  3. Announce publicly. You will never become zero defect as far as anger is concerned. But the number of times you get angry can certainly be reduced. I myself got angry over one of my students a few days back and I realised it a few days after. I admitted this at a number of places in front of many people.
  4. Be enthusiastic. Being enthusiastic and energetic can help in reducing anger. So follow it and enjoy your life.

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  1. Practicing deep breathing for 3min will calm your tensed body. You may do bhastrika or pranayama as they really help a lot in calming your mind and body.
  2. Divert your mind from the source. Doing some physical movements, walking, jogging, exercising, climbing stairs, dancing, singing, shouting etc. can divert your mind from the source of anger and after a while your mind would be at peace.
  3. Picture a “Red-Stop-Sign” in your mind. Visualising this sign in your mind simply indicates “no more anger now”. This tells you to put a stop on your anger. You cannot have any more loss due to anger.

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