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Benjamin Franklin said “Being ignorant is not as much a shame, as being unwilling to learn”. In public speaking, we frequently use powerpoint presentations to deliver our message more distinctly and effectively to the audience. We might have been making and giving powerpoint presentations but some of us might be having difficulties in preparing them, in presenting them, some might not be aware of do’s and don’ts of a powerpoint presentation. It is all good till the time you are willing to learn something that you have been ignorant about.

A powerpoint presentation can have a huge impact on your audience in context with the message that you wish to deliver. There are a lot of books, blogs, articles etc. on how to prepare a powerpoint presentation but still no one know which is the best way to do it. It is also seen that your audience either listens to you or reads the text written on the slides. This gives a challenge to the speaker to keep the attention of the audience where he wants to.

Here are some tips before you start designing a powerpoint presentation:

  1. Design your slides keeping your audience in mind, from their perspective.
  2. Keep your slides short.
  3. Prepare notes for yourself wherever needed.
  4. The information you provide should neither be too less, nor too much.
  5. An appropriate amount of information will help your audience to remember it better.
  6. Take only concept on one slide.
  7. Allot only 20-30 seconds per slide.
  8. The slide should be understandable in approx. 3 seconds.
  9. Do not put irrelevant images, text, animation or noise in the slides.
  10. If providing handouts, they should be meaningful, content rich and complement your presentation and your message. Do not give the handouts of your entire presentation.
  11. The font size you choose should be clearly visible even to the people sitting at the end.
  12. Avoid using powerpoint templates.
  13. Use the color scheme well.
  14. Use high quality images.
  15. Avoid putting too many bullets on one slide.

No public speaking project can be successful without practice and the same goes for this. In the next post we will talk in details about the text, color scheme, charts etc. that should be used in powerpoint presentations to give it the best look.

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