Tips on Giving a Power Point Presentation | Anurag Aggarwal
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Your slides and the slide show can leave a great impression on the audience. A well-designed slide can also make it really simple to send the message you wish to convey across the audience. There may not be any specific or a typical way of designing the slides but is most important thing to consider is that the audience should read your slides as well as listen to you and this is all up to you how well you make and present the slides. Here is an overview of the basic things you should consider while making your slides in your powerpoint presentation.

  1. Think about the audience. You are making your presentation for the audience so make sure that it is rich in content that the audience would be looking for. Select the images and their placement keeping your audience in mind.
  2. The information you provide should be neither too less, nor too much to be absorbed. Put only meaningful information and images. Appropriate amount of information would be easy to absorb by the audience.
  3. Keep your slides simple by taking just one concept per slide. More slides may be use for one concept.
  4. Keep in mind the time allotted to you when preparing the slides. While practicing, practice with more slides as well as less slides.
  5. Instead of sticking to text and bullets, try to design your slides with images. Do not over crowd your slides with images and text.
  6. Leave some space to let your design breathe. This helps the audience to focus better on the content.
  7. Keeping the font, layout, colors etc. constant is also a good idea.
  8. Avoid using backgrounds having distracting patterns or graphics. Stick to solid colors and use full screen images where needed as this would avoid the usage of any color at all.
  9. Background color chosen should remain constant throughout your presentation.
  10. Choose colors carefully as different colors represent different meanings. It is generally believed that red color reduces the thinking ability whereas black depicts sophistication.
  11. Avoid using too many animations, transitions, moving text, sounds etc. as they distract the attention.
  12. Make use of high contrast as it improves visibility from a distance in particular.
  13. Avoid the usage of red and green together. Color blindness of red-green forms a major part of color blindness. People with this kind of colour blindness cannot distinguish between the two colours.
  14. Stick to standard screen friendly fonts like Georgia, Times New Roman, Georgia, Ariel, Helvetica, Veranda etc. These are easily readable.
  15. After selecting the font, make sure that the font size is readable by all.
  16. When using images, enlarge them only to the point that they do not become blurry.
  17. Use high quality images.
  18. Do not use watermarked images. This is unprofessional.


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