WAYS OF DELIVERING SPEECH by Anurag Aggarwal| Public Speaking | Public Speaking Course
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WAYS OF DELIVERING SPEECH by Anurag Aggarwal| Public Speaking | Public Speaking Course

Once you know the topic and sub topics of your speech, it is important that you consider what kind of style you would use to deliver your speech. It may be memorized, manuscript, extempore or impromptu.

Depending on the topic, situation and your comfortability, you may choose any of the style of speech delivery. But first and foremost, we must clearly know what does each style mean.

Memorized Style

The memorized style of delivering your speech is when you have written your speech, memorized it by heart and you recite it to the audience word by word. This type of speech delivery style is generally common in acting when actors performing on the stage memorize the entire play given to them by the director in written form and they perform it as it is written. It is also common in high schools where students memorize their speech for various competitions. Wherever this style is used, it is generally pretended to be a spontaneous speech rather than a memorized one.

Manuscript Style

In this style, the speaker reads it word to word from the written speech in front of the audience. This style is really important at places where time and accuracy of data, names etc. play an important role like in news reporting. If there would be errors in news reporting, there would be a question mark on the credibility of the channel.

Manuscript was originally done a paper on which everything was handwritten but now hand written paper has been replaced by a teleprompter. Manuscript is most commonly used by newscasters and television personalities.

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Impromptu Style

As per Cambridge Dictionary, impromptu literally means  “done or said without earlier planning or preparation”. So an impromptu speech is an unrehearsed and unplanned speech. These speeches generally tend to be short.

Since there is hardly any chance of making the notes so the speaker is generally looking directly at the audience. There are no set rules for an impromptu speech. An introduction, acknowledgement, toast, thanks giving speech, award acceptance speech and so are form a part of this quite often.

Extemporaneous Style

This style is a mixture of the memorized style and the impromptu style of delivering the speech. The speaker makes keynotes for his speech rather than jotting down and memorizing the entire speech word by word. The keynotes help the speaker in keeping in mind the idea of how he would deliver the speech, what words and phrases he would be choosing while speaking. There should be no fumbling and time allotted should be taken care of. Practice using the keynotes and then devote not more than 5% of the time in looking at the notes while speaking.

The speaker may write the entire speech, practice with it and make keynotes for final delivery of the speech. Do not take the entire written matter to the podium.

This method is the most recommended one in the public speaking courses and is followed by most of the speakers.

As said earlier, depending on the speech, situation and your comfortability you may pick your style of delivering the speech.

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