Business Tips by Anurag Aggarwal | Business Coach | Business Trainer


Everything is fair in love, war and BUSINESS. Nothing is right or wrong to grow your business. So here are some tips which may sound unethical but may be necessary for growing your business fast.

  1. Hire fast, fire fast. This is necessary if you want to become a unicorn. There are at least 8 to 10 companies which earning in millions every year. But this would be possible only if you have a strong team. So hire fast and if they don’t perform then fire fast. BYJU’s- The Learning App is a startup that hire graduates at a package of 10 lakh per year. This is the strategy they adopt. They hire fast and they give a few months to give results. If a person does not give results, he/she is fired.
  2. Get connected with your vendor/ supplier in such a way that he deals with you and only you. This way, he would give you good material at a reasonable price. He should be completely dependent on you. At the same time, you should not be dependent on any one person. (Watch full video in Hindi here)
  3. It is rightly said the “In times of need, one has to bow before the buffoon”. Even if you are angry on your employee, do not show it, do not let it come on your face. Rather learn the tactics to get your work done from them. If your customer is not being polite, is returning goods, is not making payment, you don’t have get angry. The moment you lose your temper, all your money will be gone.
  4. Keep away from three people- doctor, lawyer and policeman. This would help you in doing the business smoothly.
  5. Everything is fair in love and war. Do unto others before others do unto you. If someone takes away your employee, go ahead and do the same to them.

(Watch full video in Hindi here)

It is always good to play a safe game in business but you also need to take some carefully measured risks from time to time. Adopting the above tips can also let you grow in business and help you analyze your employees and competitors.

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