public speaking


Anurag Aggarwal - Public Speaking Trainer & Business Coach | Delhi NCR

Have you always wanted to engage, motivate and inspire the audiences? Do you wish to become a highly recognized speaker? If so, you need to think beyond just informing or persuading audiences.

Most of the people can speak and deliver their message but the important thing is to give that message in a way that you could be defined as a great public speaker.

Key points to become a charismatic public speaker

  1. Know the purpose. It is very important to know the purpose of your speech before you begin to prepare for it. You must be sure of what message you want to deliver at the end of the day. Do you want to inspire, inform, persuade or something else? Look for your purpose.
  2. Keep it simple. Audience is there to listen to what you say and understand it. They may not be in a mood to put too much efforts to be able to understand what you mean to say. So speaking in an easy and understandable way would be easy for you as well as the audience.
  3. Be flexible. Do not stick to what you prepared or what you did not. If you find that the audience is not taking interest in what you are saying, then try to change the way of presenting it. Do something so that the audience gets interested.
  4. Connect with the audience. Don’t try to beat your own trumpet. Audience is there to listen to you so don’t make them feel that they are foolish. Be humorous and real and try to narrower the gap between you and the audience as you speak. You may be the expert in your field and the topic but your audience may not be. So speak according to their level, something which they can understand and enjoy.
  5. Keep yourself updated with what’s happening around. This can help you in giving recent examples and also in something impromptu. This would enhance your knowledge which you can share with your audience.
  6. Practice makes a man perfect. We have been hearing this ever since our childhood and this saying is absolutely true under all circumstances. In public speaking, never miss any opportunity to speak in front of the audience, may it be big or small. This would help in enhancing your talent and in grooming you.
  7. Record yourself. Today, this can be done in numerous ways. Do your audio or video recording again and again and watch it. Find out the flaws and improvise on them.

“Be honest, authentic, fearless, funny, know your audience and stay on point.” says Caytha Jentis, award winning Writer, Director & Producer. This is actually the crux of becoming a great speaker.