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Everything is fair in love, war and competition. No matter how much ethics we follow, but in business we may have to become unethical at times. We may have to do a few things which may sound unethical for some. Whatever is right for business is right and the rest are wrong. There are no fixed rules in any business.

We often see in newspapers, hoardings etc. that with the price of the commodity they put a small Asterix the meaning of which is explained in really small font at the bottom ‘*Conditions Apply’. So, in this video also, all the tips and tricks given have some terms and conditions. Use your brains while applying these.

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Business Tips for Businessmen

  1. Buy over others’ employees but don’t let yours reject you. Business is a race. You need a good and experienced team to make your business move forward in this race. Even better if this team belongs to your profession and is of a competitor who is much ahead of you in this race. Break your competitors’ team. Even if you have to spend more, do it. But do remember that your team should remain yours. Never let your competitors take them away.
  2. Use OPM (Other People’s Money). All the big businessmen, business tycoon use OPM (Other People’s Money)- shareholders, investors, banks, other people… Use time and money of others. In our country, you would get employees ready to work for you at 20k-30k-40k per month. Spend money, get work done from others and make money through it.
  3. Make friends with HNIs (High Network Individuals), bureaucrats, lawyers, judges, politicians etc. They have something different in their aura. Being in their company or being connected with these people would make you get success.
  4. Buy for less, sell for more. Make sure that you buy for less from the vendor. Your vendor should not sell you the products at more than 5 to 10% margin. Lesser the margin, better for you as your profit would be more. Buy for less and sell at a high price.
  5. Don’t lie but if you do have to, don’t get caught. Never lie in business. And if in any circumstance you have to lie, then say it in such a way that you do not get caught.
  6. “Jo Dikhta Hai, Wo Bikta Hai”.. A girl with a really good figure was kept at a saree shop. She would tie the saree selected by the customer and the customer would create an image that they would also look like that and would buy the saree. Show off yourself. Everyone is doing it through social media. Things that are shown sell off better.
  7. Are you a franchiser? Let franchisees invest in your product. If you are a franchiser then make sure to use their premises, their interiors, take full advance against the material and keep a monthly franchisee fee. On the contrary, if you are a franchisee, you must stay away from such people. The only thing you would give is the premises. The interiors should be their and don’t give any security. Don’t keep fixed monthly franchisee fee, kept it at a fixed percentage.
  8. How much you earn, let it be a secret. Never disclose this secret to anyone. Tell your employees to do cost cutting. Tell them that if the cost would be low, the organisation would get more profit.
  9. If you want to live like a king, behave like a king. Talk about cost cutting with your employees, but you should be ready to spend. Behave like a king to live like a king.

Follow these tips with full attention and after analysing the situations properly.

Click here to watch the full video (in Hindi).

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