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In the previous post, we recalled various types of visual aids that are used in public speaking. As said earlier, visual aids help the speaker to deliver the message in clear and crisp way so that the audience is able to understand better. In public speaking, you may use different types of visual aids depending… Continue reading TIPS TO USE VISUAL AIDS IN PUBLIC SPEAKING

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Have you always wanted to engage, motivate and inspire the audiences? Do you wish to become a highly recognized speaker? If so, you need to think beyond just informing or persuading audiences. Most of the people can speak and deliver their message but the important thing is to give that message in a way that… Continue reading HOW TO BECOME A CHARISMATIC SPEAKER| ANurag Aggarwal
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Public speaking is one such thing that even the most successful people may find difficult to deal with. People often resist public speaking. But the good news is that researches have given many different techniques of conquering this fear and anxiety that come with public speaking. So here we are discussing some of these really… Continue reading STRATEGIES TO OVERCOME THE FEAR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Visual Aids in Public Speaking

In public speaking, when a speaker speaks in front of the audience, he not only puts his ideas in the form of words but may also use many other audio-visual aids. These visual aids in public speaking can be an exhibit, a flip chart, a white board, videos, pictures, PPTs, OHP etc. Why is it… Continue reading Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Visual Aids in Public Speaking

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As in any other situation or event you come across some challenges, the same is with public speaking. There are some situations which are unforeseen and unavoidable. In such a situation, your speaking skills alone do not make you a successful speaker. What also counts is the way you handle such unpredictable situation. Now the… Continue reading OVERCOME THE HAZARDS IN PUBLIC SPEAKING

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Public Speaking Tips and Tricks

Public speaking is one of the most common fears people have. They have butterflies in their stomach the moment they face to face a large audience and speak on the stage. Is public speaking really important or is it over hyped? Let us see some examples to get the answer. If an owner of a… Continue reading Public Speaking Tips and Tricks

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