Essential elements in public speaking
public speaking


The delivery of your speech before the audience relies on various elements. Even if you are delivering your first speech, the art of public speaking demands that you should be able to deliver your message in a way that it leaves an impact on the audience. Let us discuss some of the basic elements of public speaking that you must know so as to ensure that you deliver the best speech that clearly states your message.

Essential Elements of Public Speaking

There are many elements that are essential in public speaking. We would be taking up a few most important among them here.

  1. Overcome your fear. This first step may be a really difficult one but this is most important as you need to conquer your fear before anything else. It is also true that you may not be able to overcome your fear of public speaking 100 percent for many years maybe, even if you join a public speaking course or some groups but doing such things would slowly and gradually reduce the fear and you would be able to notice the increase in confidence yourself. Adequate amount of preparation and practice of your speech can help you with this.
  2. Research about your topic. No matter how well you know about your topic in advance, it is always better to do some research work on it before you start preparing your speech. Your presentation depends on how well you research on what you have to talk about. Even if you have to go through what you already know, just do it. You can really impress your audience with your knowledge. They must be assured that you were the right choice to speak on the given topic.
  3. Be energetic. Your audience is there to see you in full energy (unless you are at a funeral giving a eulogy), they expect something really good and worth spending their time so live up to their hopes. The more energy you would show, the more confident you would also feel. With this energy, you would also be able to connect with your audience better.
  4. Self Confidence. When you feel good about yourself, you will automatically feel confident, no matter what others would be thinking. With this confidence, you would be able to face the audience with ease. You should be confident about what you are wearing, your clothes, your shoes, your haircut, your perfume, and your overall looks. Looking good and attractive to yourself really brings in confidence.
  5. Know your audience. Being a good public speaker, you are expected to shape yourself according to the situation. You should be able to speak in different ways on different occasions. For instance, speaking at a wedding would be much different than hosting an award function. So, you need to know your audience well before you speak. You must have an idea about the age group that the majority of the audience belongs to, are there mostly males or females or almost equal, their profession, etc. This would help you in creating a presentation or speech that would be suitable for your audience.
  6. Encourage the audience to participate. No matter what topic you are speaking on, it is very important to get participation from the audience. In a small gathering, giving a chance to the audience to ask questions may be a good idea and in the large crowd, you may ask such questions to which the audience can give one-word answers. This would also stop the audience from getting distracted. If only the speaker speaks throughout, it may become monotonous but when your audience participates with you, it becomes more lively and enjoyable by both the speaker and the audience.

So, remembering these essential elements of public speaking: overcome your fear, research your topic, be energetic, self-confidence, know your audience and encourage them to participate, can really support you a lot to become a good public speaker. If you wish to take a formal training from the public speaking trainer Mr. Anurag Aggarwal in Delhi NCR, feel free to contact us at 7834-99-9292 or visit .