| ANurag Aggarwal
public speaking


Public speaking is one such thing that even the most successful people may find difficult to deal with. People often resist public speaking. But the good news is that researches have given many different techniques of conquering this fear and anxiety that come with public speaking.

So here we are discussing some of these really helpful techniques.

  1. Speak with yourself- It may sound weird but some researchers have found that people who talk to themselves using their own name instead of using “I” are better performers in public speaking. So try saying “You can do it ………. ” instead of saying “I can do it”.
  2. Don’t try to relax- You may think that trying to relax may calm down your anxiety of public speaking but this may not be true in all the cases. A recent study by a Harvard professor says that this does not always work. Try to experience your anxiety as excitement. Those who feel this as excitement are often more proficient when they deliver the speech.
  3. Exercise in the morning- Anxiety can be reduced by exercising in the morning on the day of your presentation. So go out of your room, do some running or exercising and reduce your stress level.
  4. “I can do it”. Maintain a positive attitude that you can do it. Your phobia would reduce within months if you have this attitude. Gradually, your stress would be noticeably reduced before giving a speech. Staying positive would surely work.
  5. Identify your most comfortable pose. Different poses make you feel different. For instance, if you sit with a bent back, you may not feel confident and on the other hand if you stand with back erect and legs a little apart you would feel more comfortable. Take some time to practice your best pose before stepping on the stage.
  6. Rehearse. Rehearsing your speech is as important for an experienced speaker as it is for an amateur. The more you rehearse, the more confident and spontaneous you would become.

Apart from these basic strategies, there are a lot more things you need to work on to overcome the fear of public speaking. Practice, practice and practice to become a professional speaker.

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