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When you begin with something, you always have anxiety and you may be confused what to do and what not to do. So here in this video Mr Anurag Aggarwal tells you about what you should do if you are at early stages of public speaking.

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  1. On the depth of your desire depends the swiftness of your progress. The more you have the desire to become a good speaker, the faster you would become one. You should have passion and a strong desire.
  2. Do not be disheartened. If people do not like your speeches in the initial stage, they laugh at you then do not get disheartened. Your desire should not become weak because of all this. Everyone has to face this situation. Keep going on stage.
  3. Practice body language. Your non-verbal communication that is your body language is as important as your verbal communication. Rather non-verbal communication is more important in public speaking and is easy to practice and improve.
  4. Face an audience as frequently as you can. Come on the stage as often as you can and you will soon stop shying. If you want to be a good swimmer, you have to go into water. Similarly the more you come on the stage, the more confident you would be.
  5. Find a style that works for you. Every speaker has his/her own style so you have to find yours too: the way one speaks, the way one uses his/her body language etc. Identify and have your own suitable that you would be comfortable with. Do not try to copy others.
  6. Know your audience. Know the demographic of your audience. Not just that, you should also know how much the gathering would be, how big or small the hall would be, know the equipment available there, know about most of the things there in the hall.

Click here to watch full video (in Hindi).

  1. Keep your speech like a girl’s skirt- long enough to cover the subject and short enough to maintain the interest. Your speech should be of an appropriate length so that the audience can maintain their interest in it and also it should not be too short that it finishes before the audience’s expectations.
  2. Slow down. When you are at an early stage of public speaking, your heart beat may increase when you go on the stage which may make increase the speed at which you should speak. And this becomes a hurdle in becoming a good speaker. So deliberately try to speak slowly. Generally the speed should between 140-160 words per minute if it is a monologue.
  3. Public speaking classes. Join some public speaking course, public speaking classes where you get platform to speak before audience and you can gain confidence. Do it for months or years together.
  4. You need to have a guide who can champion you. You should have a coach/trainer/guide who can champion you, who can bring the best talent out of you.
  5. Take every opportunity to speak. Never miss any opportunity because of the fear of not been able to do it. Just grab the opportunity whenever it comes your way. As said earlier, the more often you would come on the stage, face the audience, the more confident and better speaker you would become.
  6. Get feedback from your friends, relatives, audience or any other source, analyse them and try to bring changes in yourself considering these feedbacks.

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