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22 Ways to Become Confident

It is often asked that how can we become confident without joining any course and just sitting at home. Here we are discussing about 22 ways to become confident. All the below mentioned points are applicable for you as well as your children.

  1. Had you been a class monitor/ class prefect/ school prefect when you were in school? If yes, then this brings in confidence in you. If for some reasons you could not, then make sure that your become one. Speak with their teacher about the same.
  2. Is your child acting, dancing, singing, giving speech in school assembly or functions? When a child comes on stage again and again, he eventually develops confidence in himself. Keep reminding the teachers to make your child participate in school programs.
  3. You must how to manage the siblings. No one among the siblings should dominate or dictate the other as this reduces the level of confidence in the one who is dominated.
  4. Whenever someone gets appreciation, praises, awards, shields, certificates, this immediately boosts up the confidence level of the person
  5. Developing a good sense of humour is another way to develop confidence. Whenever you crack a joke and your audience rolls out in laughter, that enhances your confidence.
  6. All those people who have got family support, those people whose family believe in them become confident.
  7. Going out of country, staying there, working there for months or years can be really helpful. If you can’t go out for so long, even if you go for 10-15 days that would also be good enough. Speak with people for reservations, ticket booking etc.
  8. Branded clothing gives confidence. Wearing non branded clothes may make you feel low in public.
  9. Branded accessories like pen, watch, tie, cufflinks etc. can add on to your confidence.
  10. Are you using a public vehicle or you are using a personal vehicle? Which car do you travel in? How many cars do you have? All these things matter.
  11. Where do you live? In a rented house, shared accommodation or your own house? Which area do you live in?

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  1. Which company you are working for? If you work in a big renowned company, your confidence would surely be up.
  2. On what position you are working? Lower management, middle management, upper management, director or CEO. This determines your confidence.
  3. Subscribers, followers, friends, likes, shares on social media sites helps you in gathering confidence
  4. Holding a position in a prestigious club like Rotary Club, Lions Club etc. can give you confidence.
  5. Your fitness is important. You should not be over-weight or under-weight. You would be conscious in such a situation.
  6. Giving commands to others gives confidence whereas taking orders does the opposite.
  7. Your communication skills matter- your power to convince, your power to make yourself clear to others, effective speech give confidence.
  8. You should not feel complex if you do not have command on a particular Either learn it or remove the complex.
  9. Intensive subject knowledge makes you confident before others.
  10. Nothing succeeds like success. Are you a successful person in your field? Every step towards success raises your confidence.
  11. Act confident, you become confident. This is what was written in a book by Dale Carnegie. Strike a balance between over-acting and under-acting. Try to act as if you are a confident person (even if you are not) and gradually you would become one.

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