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Youtube is gaining too much popularity these days and it has now become a major source of getting business for many people. But, at the same time, people generally do not know how to start with youtube channel or they just start with it and since they may not see quick results, they just give up. You must remember that this is not an easy game and it takes a lot of time and hardwork to take your youtube channel to a next level. Here, Mr Anurag Aggarwal gives some tips on growing your youtube channel.

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  1. Keep uploading consistently. First of all you have to decide how frequently you want to upload the videos and be consistent with that. Don’t make a channel if you are making it just because others have also done so. Make it only if you are serious about it.
  2. No initial earnings. You may not get anything in return from your channel for one year or so. So do not start your channel only with this thing in your mind.
  3. Give and take. If you want to take home something, you must give first. It takes a lot of effort in making each video but if you want to get something, then you will have to do all this.
  4. More investments, less returns. Initially your investment is more than the return. You may have to pay a huge amount for recording and editing and the return may not be that much but have patience. You will get good returns too.
  5. Don’t burn your hut by seeing other’s bunglow. Do your best for your channel without getting jealous of what others are doing and how much popularity they have gained.
  6. Schedule your videos appropriately. In case you know that you that you would not be able to do the recording for few days due to other engagements, you must record in advance, get it edited and then schedule the video for the date you wish to post on.
  7. The thumbnail of your video should be such that your audience gets tempted to click on it and watch your video. You may use images and text to attract the audience.
  8. What is seen, sells. Show what you want people to see and buy. It should be exactly the way they want it.
  9. Bait the hook to suit the fish. While designing the thumbnail, think from viewers’ point of view. It should suit the requirements or their liking and not yours.
  10. Don’t imitate others. Some people pick the same topic as others do, they try to copy their way of editing, recording, speaking etc. Don’t do this.

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  1. Engage yourself with the viewers. You should try to reply to the viewers’ comments. You may think that it would be very time consuming. For this, you may get online twice a day for 10 min a day so that you are able to respond to 30-40 comments atleast.
  2. Always give them a ‘takeaway’. Put your knowledge in front of the audience in a way that they see their benefit in it. Your video should give something beneficial to your audience.
  3. Have patience. You cannot have an increased number of subscribers overnight. Some people may get millions of subscribers in 1or 2 years and for some the situation may be opposite.
  4. Don’t focus on subscribers. Don’t get demotivated by if your subscribers are not increasing. Maintain your regularity on the channel.
  5. Speak and share your knowledge. Ask yourself about your expertise. Think about all the things that you can give to your audience.
  6. Be confident. Do not see that there are already many videos on the topic you have, just be confident that you will give something different from others.
  7. Become a shameless promoter. You will have to promote your channel yourself.
  8. Begin as a part timer. Do not leave your job immediately after starting the channel. Continue with your job and the channel for some time and when you start seeing the results then you may start giving more attention and time to your channel.
  9. Don’t invest on gadgets. In the beginning, do not invest on gadgets. You may use your phone for recording since there are really good quality cameras in phone too.
  10. Have perseverance. Be determined to grow and then think of investing in your channel.

Click here to watch full video (in Hindi).

  1. Ask for business. Promote your business in your videos. You should get business from your youtube videos too.
  2. Choose one particular category. To know what topic should you choose for making the video, just ask yourself about your expertise and choose that category.
  3. Understand how to interest your viewers. With your expertise, you must consider the interest of the audience too as they are the ones who would be watching and judging you.
  4. Use the same name everywhere. Keep the same name on all the social media sites so that the users can easily find and recognize you and get content from there too.
  5. Select keywords carefully. Keywords should be relevant to your videos and to you. The audience should get what they were trying to find through the keywords.
  6. Use free editing softwares. Do not spend on expensive editing software initially. Try the free ones.
  7. Your content may not be viewed. Yes, this may happen that the views of your video are negligible. But do not get disheartened.
  8. Don’t waste money. Think a lot before investing. Investing and not getting results may be discouraging for you.


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