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In this video, Mr Anurag Aggarwal gives some tips on employee management, how you can get your work done and how to increase their productivity while having fun at work.

Pay checks, salary can’t buy passion. If you think that the salary you pay to your employees can buy their passion for your work then you are wrong. They would be passionate to work for that money only for few days or months but not forever.

Understand their behaviour. Try to find out their area of interest, things by which you can keep their passion alive.

A few days after, enthusiasm subsides. It always happens that when you do or try something new, you are very excited, very enthusiastic but sometime after, that enthusiasm goes down and you may start looking for something else.

Fun at work can increase productivity. For this you make your workplace in such a way that people are always excited to work there.

You may say that not everyone is like that. People do work after they are given salary. But in my observation, people mostly do not work after they get salary.

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So here are some tips how to have more fun at work (from 2:11 min):

  1. Incentives, project base work, commission- Giving incentives apart from the salary keeps the employee motivated. You may also give project base or commission base work i.e. instead of giving a fixed salary you would pay your employee on the basis of business he would get for you. In this case, your employee would not be bothered about the fixed office time.
  2. Make it a Game- Make the process of extra earning really exciting for them. Make it like a game that they would always want to win over others. This would help in keeping the competitive spirit up.
  3. White Board Solution/ Throw Down a Challenge- Put white boards in the room where all your employees sit and use these boards to write down each person’s output on it. This would create a competition among all and everyone would want to do better than the other. This room should not be accessible to the customers.
  4. Recognitions, Appreciations- On the basis of above challenge, you can give your employees some incentives, some rewards, awards, trophies, medals, recognitions etc. Everyone wants to see or hear his/her name and that’s the reason they would want to do better and better. Don’t criticise, condemn or complaint.

Click here to watch the full video (in Hindi).

  1. Appreciate in Public, Reprimand in Private- If for some reason it is unavoidable to criticise or condemn an employee then do it in private. Recognitions and appreciation before public boosts the confidence and morale and criticising would do the opposite.
  2. Always treat your employees exactly the way you want them to treat your best customers- If you want that your employees should be well behaved with your customers so that you can get more business then you must first behave well with them. When they would see your respect for them, they will give the same to the customers.
  3. To win the marketplace, you must win in your workplace first- You must be a winner in your workplace. You must win the faith and confidence of your employees so that they give you their best. They should not feel imprisoned when they are in office. This would further help you win the marketplace.

In the end, there is one more suggestion. Never spoil your relations with your ex-employees. Whatever had been their reason for leaving the job, maintain good relations with them because a satisfied employee is your agent forever.

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