Do you Want to Make a Positive Impression on the Audience? | Anurag Aggarwal

Do you Want to Make a Positive Impression on the Audience?

Do you Want to Make a Positive Impression on the Audience? | Anurag Aggarwal

In public speaking, when one addresses the people, there are some speakers whom you tend to forget just maybe a few days after the meeting but there are some whom you remember for a long time, maybe a lifetime. Among these also, some people leave a positive impression and some leave a not so positive impression. Do you also be a part of this league of public speakers who leave such a strong positive impression that you are remembered by the other person or a group of people?

Think about all those things that you like about other people, things that impress you: the way they talk, their behavior towards you or others, their looks, their energy, their attitude, etc.

So now what to do if you also want to leave a positive impression? You might be an expert in public speaking but what are those things by which your audience would always remember you for good?

Making a Positive Impression in Public Speaking

In this post, you would know that as a professional what extra you can do to move to the next level.

1. More the energy, more the excitement.

The audience can sense your energy level as soon as you get on the stage. The kind of energy level you would show to your audience, expect the same kind of excitement from them. As a presenter, your energy has to be something different from just being ordinary. The moment you start speaking, you should be able to take the audience along with you. Any kind of lack of energy, be it general or be it vocal can kill the interest of the audience. Lack of energy can turn an interesting and fascinating talk really boring and dull. But with your high energy level, you may be able to cover up any shortcomings of your presentation. With high energy, you induce the audience to pay attention to you.

2. Stay focused.

In public speaking, it is very important to stay focused on what you are saying, what message you want to deliver to the audience, how strong and prompt you are to face the unforeseen situations. A public speaker should be able to handle situations like power failure, mic mot working, the audience not as expected, etc. All these situations are somewhat not in our control. The way you handle such surprises shows your personality.  You should be able to deal with these promptly and effectively.

3. Beautify your language.

The moment you start speaking, your audience should be mesmerized by your language. A language can be as beautiful as you make it. No matter how educated or uneducated a person may be, he is always impressed with a language that soothes the ears. So, think out of the box and think of using nice phrases, idioms, metaphors, etc. to make yourself outstanding in the crowd.

4. Be committed.

When you are speaking in front of the audience, speak with passion. Your audience must get engaged in your talk, by the end of your talk they should be able to understand you in and out, they should take the actions as you say. When you are committed to yourself and your profession, then and only then you can gather that confidence to make people believe in you. When your commitment can be noticed by the audience, they would be able to trust you.

The above four points- being energetic, staying focused, beatifying the language and being committed are only the basic things that a person must have to make a positive impression, be it in public speaking or any other field. The impression that you leave on the other person certainly depends on many more things apart from the ones mentioned here but if you start working even on these, you can see great changes in yourself. So, begin by following the above points.

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