Have you ever wondered what the difference between mind and brain is? Yes, they different. While brain has a physical appearance, mind does not have. Like a computer works with hardware and software similarly our body works with brain as a hardware and mind as software. Generally, a normal human being uses only 1-5% of his brain while the other part of brain remains unused. It is our mind that decides about everything we are doing or what we are not doing. It is our mind that brings in positive and negative thoughts. Thus the most important thing is to control our mind. We need to remove our mental blocks that we have due to some reason or the other.

We may have mental blocks due to many reasons but they need to removed by following these ways:

1.      Learn from the past incidences. Past incidents of life program us to say ‘I can not do this.’  If we have failed in doing something in the past it may leave an impact on mind that we can never succeed in this. For instance, if I could not learning driving a car a few years back or if I ever had an accident then I would think that I can never learn driving or if I would drive I would meet an accident. This thinking stops us from taking any chance. We would always have negative thoughts about it.

It is therefore important to identify such incidents and we shall try to come out of it. It would certainly demand too much efforts but I can assure you that they would pay you.

2.      Grab the opportunities. Some of us wait for the opportunities to knock our door and many of us are ready to take the opportunities even when they are at the door-steps. You don’t believe it?? Then try this in a group of 15-20 people. Show them a 1000 rupees note and ask them who ever wants it, come and take it. You would see that only 3-4 people would come and take this opportunity. Is it that others did not have the opportunity?? No. They had the opportunity but they did not have the courage to take it.

Never miss out any opportunity that comes your way.

3.      Put in that extra effort. All of us have a comfort zone beyond which we never see as we enjoy being in that. We may have to face some hardship if we try moving out of this comfort zone. We do not bother to put any extra effort to improve our present situation and we remain happy with the present situation. Although it is good to be happy with whatever we have but then learning is also an important part of life. We have to be receptive. We must come out of our comfort zone and learn something new everyday. We should try to accept some changes rather than limiting ourselves to the comfort level we are living in.

4.      Convert difficulties into challenges. Be courageous enough to face difficult situations as challenges. On facing any difficulty, many people get tensed, they lose hope and just sit idle thinking that nothing will work. Instead, be brave to fight against such situations. Do your best and prove yourself that no situation can lower your morale. Let no one deter you. Think positively, expect only favorable results and situations, and circumstances will change accordingly. Changes may take some time so have patience.

5.      Believe in God and Yourself. We want others to believe in us but how can anyone believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself. Have belief in God. Think what you want and keep thinking about it again and again and you will get it for sure. But the most important thing is to have a belief in yourself. If you would keep thinking that I cannot get a particular thing then be sure that you would never get it. But if you can assure yourself that this thing would certainly be mine, and then nobody can stop you from getting it. Just keep thinking positive about what you want.

6.     Don’t have a limited thinking. Lets take for instance I ask you that I want to gift you a Mercedes. Would you take it?? Most people will ask me to stop kidding. Others will say that we are happy with Skoda or they might say that I can’t accept it as it would be too costly to manage. The point here is that people have a limited thinking beyond which they can’t think. Try to have a high thinking. Think that if you will get this car, you will also get money to manage it.

Start working on the above points and you would see a positive change in your life.


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