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The need for a language arises when we want to express ourselves or when we want to communicate with others. And for communication, we would certainly need a language that is understandable by all. And one such language in the present time is ENGLISH. It is well known that English is the official language of many countries and is a “lingua franca” of all people in the world. Thus it becomes important for every person to learn this language and to be able to communicate with people. But there exist a mental block that impedes learning the second language. It is therefore important to be relaxed, to be ready to take the risks in learning and to have a pleasant learning environment.

One acquires or “picks up” the second language (we are talking about English in particular) in much the same way as they acquired their first language that is by using it. When we learn any language we start it with short and easy sentences. Then comes vocabulary and grammar. The mother tongue always has an impact on the second language. While we are learning a language, it generally happens that we think of a sentence in our mother tongue and then translate it in the language that we are learning. This is acceptable for some time but we should not get into the habit of this.

To learn any language, it is very important to keep reading and listening. Magazines, newspapers, movies, radio shows, T.V. shows, interacting with people, and many more sources. And then it is utmost important to analyze yourself from time to time. Analysis should in be terms of how much progress you have made from the time you started or from the previous analysis.

There is no denying the fact that a language needs to be perfect and error free when you speak and write it for any type of communication and English is no exception. It has been seen that most of the people commit general mistakes in the language and that really hampers your image in the circle and society. To learn a language, we must know its vocabulary, pronunciation of the words and the correct usage of grammar. Even if we are short of vocabulary, we must not make any grammatical mistake in our communication. Grammar can be improved by continuous practice, listening and reading as mentioned above.

Most of us often make mistakes while using tenses. We are generally confused how to make a sentence with past tense, present tense or future tense. Here we would learn to be “tense friendly” through a video of Mr. Anurag Aggarwal. He has made the concept of tenses extremely simple and easy to grab.

Watch it and practice and practice and keep practicing.

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