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In today’s world when the competition is on a high, when the even the topmost companies are coming in for campus recruitment, how can we forget to work upon preparing for an interview and grooming ourselves for the same. Interview is not something that is to be faced by youngsters or freshers only. In fact, people in their 40’s or 50’s also may think of changing their job for which they have to give an interview. People at higher posts and looking for growth in their company also have to go through the situation of facing an interview.

One should be mentally fit and alert to be able to do well in an interview. With fitness, the next most important thing is your confidence. Almost anything and everything can be done with this tool (confidence).

Let us see how you shall prepare for an interview. This preparation may be categorized in three following steps:

  1. Before the interview.
  2. During the interview.
  3. At the end of the interview.


1.   Research about the company. Having knowledge about the company will give you a competitive edge. This would convey the interviewer that you are career oriented and that you understand the requirements of the company well. Also it would give a message that you would work wholeheartedly for the company.

Try reading as much as possible about the company and also if possible try speaking with people working in the company itself to find out some minute details of the company.

2.      Keep all the material ready. Day before the interview, collect all your documents that would be required and keep them in a file or a folder. You should be carrying reference letter, certificates other supporting documents, passport size photos, a writing pad, pen and a calculator. Don’t forget to carry your resume and some extra copies of it. With the original document you must carry one set of Photostat copies of these documents.

3.   Practice your introduction. Prepare your introduction and some other basic things that you may be asked and practice it in front of the mirror.

4.      Looks matter. ‘First impression is the last impression’ and you are generally analyzed by your looks in the first instance. For this you must dress up in formal attire as most employers prefer such candidates. Select your dress a day before the interview so that you don’t have to waste your time in this on the interview day. Your clothes should be neat, clean and ironed. Do not wear strong perfumes, flashy clothes or too much of jewellery. Visit a salon a day before to get that fresh look.

5.      Sleep well. You would be able to give your best when you have had enough sleep, you are relaxed and calm.

6.      Reach 15min early to the place. This would help you to adjust according to the environment.


1.      Don’t take your worries with you while entering the interview room.

2.      Switch off your cell phone before entering the room.

3.      Introduce yourself.

4.      Maintain an eye contact during the interview as it conveys confidence.

5.      Keep a good body language as it speaks a lot about your character.

6.      Keep smiling but don’t overdo it.

7.      Think and then answer the questions as you would be evaluated on the basis of your answers and not on the basis of how much time you took.

8.      Never blame or lie or be rude in an interview. Try to be soft and polite.

9.      Don’t exaggerate your answers. Keep them t the point.

10.  Talk slowly to avoid stammering.

11.  Use voice modulation where required so that the conversation does not become monotone.

12.   Be frank and admit if you don’t have an answer.

13.  Listen attentively to each question being asked.

14.  Be positive and enthusiastic.


Generally, an interview ends with interviewer asking the interviewee if he/she has any questions. This is not just a formality but they actually appreciate the interviewee asking them questions. So don’t miss this opportunity to clear your queries about the job responsibilities and company culture. This would indicate your interest in the company.

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