Tips for Managers to Manage well

Employees are very important asset of any business. Employees are the face of any company. So it’s very important to make sure that your employees project a good image.

Managing employees effectively has become a major concern in the corporate world. Efficient employee management is one of the significant solutions for reducing employee retention. There are very few managers in the business world under whom employees are truly happy to work.


1. Succession Planning

2. Supervise and manage the overall performance

3. Analyzing, reporting, giving recommendations

4. Working out resources & expenditures

5. Employee selection, Training & Motivation


1. A manager should be an appropriate counselor.

2. A manager should use power properly

3. A manager should be a mentor for employees

4. Manager should effectively communicate to employees

5. A manager should motivate employees


1. Setting goals- It is important to set goals. Setting goals gives employees something to work hard to achieve.
2. Teaching/ coaching employees– Employees should be properly trained. Taking the time to teach and coach employees will be well worth it.
3. Motivating Employees- Employees like to feel that their hard work is appreciated. Incentives and rewards can be used as a tool for motivating employees. Some non monetry motivation should also be there.
4. Effectively communicating to employees- A manager should never degrade or mistreat an employee.
5. Firing Employees– If you have employees that are only bringing negativity to your business, it is best to let them go.

Employees bring a wealth of enthusiasm and eagerness to your company. Just remember that they can become easily bored by the mundane and routine, and that they need to feel involved.  As employees grow with your business and become more experienced, you will see your investment in them pay off.
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