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How to be a Successful Master of Ceremonies in Public Speaking

The main responsibility of the Master/Mistress of Ceremonies (MC) is to serve as a general host.  The ideal MC is a person who has poise, presence and who can command the attention of the audience.

The MC is responsible to see that the program or the public speaking event runs smoothly, on time, and introduces people in a complimentary, professional manner. He is the in-charge of the ceremony and has to entertain people while conducting all the events in a planned way.  Being a Master of Ceremonies means that you know how to project your voice, have a sense of humor, and can handle audiences like you are taught in public speaking. In any public speaking event, it is very important to have presence of mind. You should be able to “think on your feet” so you can react quickly in an emergency, when the next act has not arrived, when the microphones or music does not work. A master of ceremonies should have a good organizational and communication skills combined with an impressive personality.



Not everyone can become an effective MC. We should just keep in mind that the person should be confident, is good at public speaking, has outstanding communication skills and has the ability to carry out the whole ceremony on his shoulders.


An essential skill of an MC is the ability to make comments which “bridge” between segments of the meeting.  Prior to the meeting try to prepare some remarks.  These might include comments or anecdotes which could be used if there is a delay or disruption in the program.  A skilled MC is able to use incidents that occur in the event as bridging tools. This skill can be gained with experience and practice in public speaking events, if it does not come naturally to you.


The prime tool of an M.C. is his voice and its method of presentation. A method of practicing is to record a video and speak in front of the mirror, like we ask our students to do in our public speaking and personality development course. This helps you to know how you speak and how you look to others. If you feel nervous, try some breathing exercises. This would give you confidence.


A microphone is an expensive and an important tool for the MC as he makes all his announcements through it.

When a person is asked to make announcements in any public speaking affair, ask someone to show you where to hold the mike and how far to hold it from your mouth.  But that person should be knowledgeable about this equipment. Also ensure that the mike is on. Ask someone ahead of you, whether you are audible or not. Avoid tapping on the head of the mike because it may damage it. The purpose of a mike it to intensify and increase the pitch of your voice so that there’s no need to shout. When the program is over, silently, place the mike back on the podium.


It’s an honour and a privilege for a person to be selected as an MC at any public speaking function. His first responsibility is to impress the audience and satisfy them. He should also be prepared well. An MC is not responsible for the sound but he should still look after the floor, manage all the sound problems faced and also take care of the adjustment of speakers etc. MC sets the stage on fire by his communication and presentation skills so that the audience have a feeling of attending a well planned and an entertaining program.


MC’s host public speaking ceremonies from graduations to celebrity toasts. The biggest key to being a good MC is confidence, one must know what all is going on. There can be nothing more embarrassing than saying that Mr. X is coming to sing and have a Ms. Y coming over to perform a dance.

If you really want to be one, all these things are covered under a good public speaking and personality development course where much attention is paid on your public speaking, presentation skills, communication skills and personality development.

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