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Tips on Giving a Good Presentation

We often come across situations where we have to give presentations to clients, employers, Board of Directors and others. In such situations, your presentation skills play a vital role as they become a factor that would decide your future on the basis of the presentation you gave.

Given below are some tips that would help you in giving your presentation or any public speaking project for that matter:

Choose a Topic

Choose a topic that you find interesting and be sure that it is of others’ interest also. Your presentation must have an introduction/opening, body and the conclusion/closing. Your presentation should be remembered not as boring seminar but as an interesting story. The audience must take home a message from your presentation. Most public speakers know their topics so well that they are able to give their presentation as easily as they are telling a story because of which they leave a positive impact thereby making them famous for their public speaking and presentation skills.


Every time you give a presentation, you would find different audience so it is important to know what type of audience you would be facing. Many things depend upon the audience like your choice of language, your clothes, your interaction, your way of explanation and more.


It is a good idea to begin your presentation with a slide giving introduction of the topic and a brief outline of sub-topics.

Introduction of the Topic

Introducing the topic will help to create the interest of the audience in your talk. The type of audience you have will determine the amount of time you would have to give on this introduction. Make it as interesting for them as possible so that they are able to maintain this interest throughout the presentation.

Data Presentation

If you know how to present your data then you surely know the key aspect of giving the presentations. This is where public speakers gain the upper hand because of their knowledge and experience in public speaking and their eminent presentation skills. There are many things that should be considered while presenting your data:

  • Create short sentences for each point displayed on the slide. Read it out loud and then interpret it.
  • Confine the amount of information you provide on each slide and also during the whole presentation.
  • Label the images and graphs clearly.
  • Using too many animated graphics can distract the audience so limit their use.

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An impressive conclusion is necessary to leave an impact on the mind of your audience. End it up by summarizing your presentation and telling its significance.


After you are done with the presentation, offer the audience to ask questions if they have any. Answer to their questions sincerely. If a question is not understandable to you, calmly & politely ask the person to clarify it.


Practice it and review all your slides before presenting. You must look like a professional. Make appropriate eye contact with the audience. Tell the objectives and goals for your presentation. Don’t be still or move around too much. Make the pronunciation of your words clear.

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