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PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT- Team Building Tips for Managers

PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT- Team Building Tips for ManagersAn organization where every person works just only as an individual but as a team is assured to paces. As it is said “Team work works”. A company having individuals not able to work as a team, not able to cope with each other, unable to understand each other would just have a negative environment with not much growth.

Thus it is very important for a manager to look after all these issues and its his responsibility to create such an environment so that people can work as a team. If the manager finds some issues among the colleagues, he should solve them then and there so that it is not carried on for a long time and spoils the whole atmosphere of the company.

Making thousands of people with different attitude, different background and different culture is certainly a very tedious one but then, this is one of the things for which managers are appointed in the companies. It is the responsibility of the manager to evaluate the personality of various employees and then form a team.

Why Personality Is Important to Team Building?

Personality is an important consideration in team building based on the following points:

  1. How people work individually differs from person to person!
  2. How people work in a group or a team differs!
  3. Understanding your working technique and how others tend to work can help each of us to work together more effectively.

Here are some tips that would help managers to manage well and bring together the people as a team.

  1. Set clear and defined goals. The first and the foremost step that must be taken by the manager is to set clear, measurable and defined goals. Your efficiency in public speaking and communication skills will play a major role in this. Clear goals will the employees put their efforts in the same direction. And while working for the achievement of the same goal, people would also try working together. Managers must make sure to make the best use of your communication skills to communicate these goals to all the employees in a refined manner. Unclear goals will only create confusions and chaos.
  2. Conducting team building games and workshops. Workshops on team-building are designed so as to develop the spirit of working together in the employees. Many team building games and activities are also conducted in these workshops that arouse team spirit in the employees. Managers should take care that he is able to call up trainers who give such workshops.
  3. Provide continuous training. Learning is a never ending process. Employees may be knowing their job well but providing regular trainings would help them to keep themselves updated. Also the manager may make groups of people who would help each other in learning something new and worthwhile.
  4. Give some decision making power. The managers may give some decision making power to the employees looking after a particular project. But before giving such an authority to the employees, care must be taken that they are trusted and capable enough to take good decisions. Employees should not misuse such opportunities. The decision making power must be given in limits or it will create differences among the employees.
  5. Provide feedback. Whosoever the person may be, a feedback on his/her work is always looked forward up to. Feedbacks help each person in added personality development.  Feedback helps the employees in knowing even better the expectations of the manager, where they lack and their areas of improvement. This can be done better with open and frequent communication between the employees and the manager. This would also help in increasing the willingness to work together.
  6.  Rewarding the company as a whole. If rewards are given not to the employees as individuals but to the groups or teams, this would help in bringing in more enthusiasm for working as a team. Rewards are the best sources of encouragement so don’t forget them.
  7. Get-togethers. Keeping get-togethers, informal meetings and such things help people to know each other better and thus make it easier to work with one another. This also improves the communication skills of the employees. Discussions among the employees would be helpful in the attainment of the goal as they would understand each other better.

Working as a team always reaps good results. A company having employees working in teams would have a non-competitive environment that creates a positive working relationship among employees. An environment having positive vibes makes the employees work to their fullest with passion in achieving a common goal.

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