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11 Tips to Improve Your Body Language

We are often reminded that” The First Impression is the Last Impression.” How long it takes for the ‘First Impression’ to be made? 10 minutes? 15 minutes? 30 minutes? 1 hour? We all are wrong till now; Researchers have found that it takes only 7 seconds amidst your first contact to create a First Impression. Amazing! Isn’t It? But how we can impress any Stranger in just 7 seconds of our lives? That’s where Body language comes into play! Body language contributes to the major part of the attitude you want to convey to another individual. According to Albert Mehrabian, 7% of what is communicated is via what is said, 38% is via tone of voice, and the majority, 55%, is via body language. This is also referred to as the ‘7%–38%–55% Rule’.

Negative Body Language- Lapses of Non Verbal Communication | Anurag Aggarwal | Public Speaking Trainer
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Negative Body Language: Lapses of Non-Verbal Communication

Body language is a major part of your non-verbal communication. It includes your gestures, postures, and your movements. The way you talk, the way you move around the stage and the way you look are all a part of your body language. It is rightly said that “actions speak louder than words”.

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Can you imagine a person who is unable to speak even two sentences together on a public platform can lead his nation to independence? The answer is YES and yes, we are talking about Mahatma Gandhi who led the freedom movement of India and that too through his oratory skills and non-violent methods. To elaborate… Continue reading HOW GANDHI OVERCAME HIS FEAR OF FACING THE AUDIENCE

BODY LANGUAGE- How to Remove Hesitation2 | Personality Development | Public Speaking | Anurag Aggarwal
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BODY LANGUAGE- How to Remove Hesitation (Part 2)

In the previous post we read about six points to improve the body language. Let us consider some point important things to be remembered for the same. No.7. Let us deal with your standing posture in this section. Sometimes, in the presence of an audience, your legs may start shaking vigorously. If such a thing… Continue reading BODY LANGUAGE- How to Remove Hesitation (Part 2)

Body Language | Personality Development | Anurag Aggarwal
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BODY LANGUAGE- How to Remove Hesitation (Part 1)

Many of you would be facing the problem of not been able to converse with others, not having a topic to discuss and just repeating the same questions. This post is the beginning of the end of your problem of getting stuck for words. In this post you will know how you can become a… Continue reading BODY LANGUAGE- How to Remove Hesitation (Part 1)

Body Language Tips | Anurag Aggarwal | Personality Development
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Today, I am sharing with you my 17 years of experience as a Public Speaker. Sometimes you meet a person and say ‘wow! What a person.’ Sometimes, somebody looks creepy and at other times, you want to idolize a person. What and where is the difference? The difference is in the Body Language.  This is… Continue reading 10 BODY LANGUAGE TIPS

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The Power of Mind in Positive Thinking

Have you ever wondered about the difference between mind and brain? Are they different or its one and the same thing? Yes, they are different. While brain has a physical appearance, our mind does not have. Our body works with brain as a hardware and mind as software just like a computer works with hardware… Continue reading The Power of Mind in Positive Thinking

Anurag Aggarwal | How to Use stage Effectively | Public Speaking
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During the early stage of public speaking, people are mostly confused about how to use the stage effectively. Where to stand and how, whether to move or not, to sit or to stand: these are some of the queries a new speaker has. When you are on the stage and you see a podium is… Continue reading HOW TO USE THE STAGE EFFECTIVELY

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“To raise a toast” refers to the action of raising one’s glass high when wishing or congratulating or honouring someone. Toasts were predominately made to wish “good health” and later became hopes for “happiness” and “good fortune” also. It is always done with a drink that may be champagne (preferably) or a wine or beer or anything. The person who raises the toast holds his or her glass high and speaks a few words about the honouree (the person for whom the toast is for) and others listen attentively. It should be simple and interesting. After the person is done with his speaking part everyone take a sip from their glass to pay honour.

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Anger management | Anurag Aggarwal
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Benefits of Anger Management

Learning the skill of anger management is necessary as our life improve tremendously if we succeed in it. Although it is very difficult but after knowing its benefits we are bound to change ourselves. Here are some benefits of anger management which will change your personality.