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BODY LANGUAGE- How to Remove Hesitation (Part 2)

In the previous post we read about six points to improve the body language. Let us consider some point important things to be remembered for the same.

No.7. Let us deal with your standing posture in this section. Sometimes, in the presence of an audience, your legs may start shaking vigorously. If such a thing happens to you as well, it is suggest to sit down. But this is just a temporary solution to this problem. About 98% people can overcome this problem by sitting down. But yes! There are instances where the whole body of a person shakes vigorously. Now this requires time and proper guidance. One can’t learn to swim by just watching videos. If your whole body shakes due to nervousness, you should join a good Public Speaking course in your town where you will be made to speak in front of people. It should be a ‘Doing course’ not a ‘Knowing course’. Learn from YouTube for free, gain knowledge this way and practice from at Public Speaking institute. Face the audience, face a larger audience. Remember, the larger the audience, the larger the nervousness and the quicker the confidence.

No.8 A part. Now we come to your feet. In many instances, I have seen people have a habit of twisting their feet when nervous. This is a common trait in under confident people. This definitely shows your nervousness.

The first thing you can do about it is to consciously make an effort to stop this. And if you can’t do it yourself, share this problem with your close friend and ask him to remind you of not doing this.

No.8 B part. Some people are seen getting so engrossed in their talks that they unintentionally come on their toes while speaking and some come on their heels. Both these gestures are incorrect. You must record yourself while speaking and watch these video again and again to correct your mistakes. And if you try to come on your toes because you are short-heighted, just remember that no matter if you are short in height, your dreams should be big. Mahatma Gandhi, Sunil Gavaskar, Sachin Tendulkar, Aamir Khan all these men are not very tall, but their karmas, their deeds have left many tall people behind. Only sky was and is the limit for them.

Watch full video here.

No.9. Knees of some people seem to be rotating to and fro while speaking. People have a tendency to bend their knees in nervousness while speaking. If you were enjoying some music then it’s my bad but if it is due to nervousness, then you need to keep a check on it. This anxiety of yours is visible to all. If you make a conscious effort to curb this tendency, you can overcome it with time.

No.10. Let us discuss some things about your facial expressions. Some people do not smile at all. People who are unhappy in their life, how can others be happy to meet them? Would you want such a life? Be grateful to God that you are alive and kicking. Smile, be happy, spread happiness. A happy person is a confident person!

No.11. There are others who keep smiling all the time whether need be or not. A fake smile is also evident. Why do you need to show to the world that you are enjoying when actually you are not? People who are genuinely enjoying do not need to pretend. They smile and laugh unknowingly, without realising. It comes from within. Don’t forget your fake smile also reflects your nervousness. The only solution to this is to improve your communication skills and be confident. You must work on your skills until you genuinely smile while talking to people.

No.12. It is often seen that introvert people refrain from making eye contact. They might look at you for a few seconds and then they shift their gaze to over, under, here, there everywhere but not you. Not maintaining eye contact is a perfect example of being under confident. To solve this problem you can either join a public speaking institute or deliberately make an effort to maintain eye contact.

It is good if you can overcome such small challenges yourself. It not necessary to spend money.

Watch this video carefully and improve your body language.

No.13. Now it takes all kinds to make the world. Where there are people who do not look into your eyes, there are others who try to look into your eyes more than it is required like staring at girls or peeping into someone else’s mobile or ladies’ handbags. Some people also try to peek into the bill for fine dining when it is served to the host, while others do not hesitate to peep into their neighbours’ homes to get some news. All this is very wrong. It’s not about lack of confidence; rather it’s about lack of etiquettes. You really need to work on your mannerism.

No.14. People have a habit of fiddling with their hair when they are nervous. Some even keep a comb or hairbrush with them. If a girl keeps a hairbrush to manage her long hair, it is acceptable, but for a boy, keeping a comb is not good manners. This should be avoided. Also you should avoid running your fingers through your hair as a nervous gesture.

No.15. To have a habit of looking into a mirror repeatedly is a sign of self-obsession. On the other hand, neglecting your face or looks is also not right. Although there are some exceptions to this rule like film actors who need to face the camera and have to be in front of mirror frequently a well as a public speaker who has to face the audience needs to look good and presentable. For others, it’s a big No.

Remember these points, follow them and see a positive change in yourself. If you need any further guidance, you may join public speaking, personality development or business course by Mr Anurag Aggarwal in Delhi NCR.

Before joining our course, you can call us on 7834-99-9292 to attend the preview seminar which is free and is taken by Mr Anurag Aggarwal himself.


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  1. Interesting blog!!! I have been looking for a body language trainer to set up a workshop in my organization for enhancing the employees body language and if possible enable them to read body language of the others.Thanks for writing this blog i will consider these points.

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