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BODY LANGUAGE- How to Remove Hesitation (Part 1)

Many of you would be facing the problem of not been able to converse with others, not having a topic to discuss and just repeating the same questions.

This post is the beginning of the end of your problem of getting stuck for words. In this post you will know how you can become a good orator , an excellent conversationalist.

Never give unnecessary compliments. Hey you are wearing a beautiful shirt! This jeans is looking awesome! Where did you buy this watch?

Why do you keeping blabbering because of being nervous? Why do you keep complimenting in your self-consciousness? This is because your mind goes blank and you are clueless what to say next.

To make it more convenient to understand, this topic of incorrect body language has been divided into three sections. First comes the errors that you may make because of nervousness. Second category is of errors that you make due to your bad habits or maybe you are used to conducting yourself in a particular way which may not be appropriate. And the third category is not due to nervousness or wrong habits but lack of mannerism, incorrect etiquettes or misbehaviour.

Watch this video carefully and improve your body language.

Do you realise, we never make these mistakes when we are alone but no sooner than we come in contact with anyone, our problem of miscommunication begins- whether it is a face to face  or a telephonic conversation.

A good conversation can help in establishing good relations with neighbours  or if it’s about a businessman, he could start some kind of business with the other person! With your boss, you never know a good conversation may give you a desired promotion. So that’s the power of a balanced conversation! For this, you need to overcome your nervousness and manage your body language.

So let’s get started.

No.1. Let’s begin with the top floor of your body- your head. Keep your head held high. Never bow down to anybody. Don’t get high on liquor, or weed or betting but hold your head high. Trust yourself and be confident. You must tell yourself every day that ‘I am the best. I am the champion.’ Lack of confidence makes you stammer and blabber.

No.2. It is often noticed that when people are nervous, they are prone to swallowing down saliva without realising the more they do that the more nervous they get because along with the saliva, they also swallow their ideas and words. You have to stop doing this.

No.3. Some people are in a habit of stooping their shoulders which eventually becomes their standing posture. Throw back your shouldersand stand upright. Correct your posture and pull yourself back. 

No.4. Some people are in a habit of bending their back forward or even backward. Both these postures are incorrect. This does not happen due to nervousness. This happens because of wrong habits. Habits that you have never bothered to correct. You have to stand straight. Change this wrong habit into the right one.

Watch full video here.

No.5. Some play pocket billiards when nervous. You keep putting your hands in and out of your pockets. If you are standing casually with friends or are feeling cold and numb; you can put your hands in your pockets. Even when posing for pictures, then also it is permissible but if you keep putting your hands in and out of your pockets just because you are nervous, then it is not permissible! This nervousness is visible to all.

And if you are putting your hands inside pockets to play pocket billiards  and that too in public… this is absolutely wrong! This is definitely categorised as offensive.

No.6 A part. We will divide this point in three parts. Some of you may have a habit of pulling your fingers. Swallowing in nervousness is not that visible but when you pull at your fingers, you exhibit lack of confidence. This is no way to become confident, rather you lose whatever you are left with and your bones get weak as well! 

These wrong habits can be stopped, you just need to have a strong will power. And once you stop making these mistakes, nothing in the world can stop you from being confident.

No.6 B part. Some of you indulge in a habit of pressing your fingers or hands when nervous. Stop this action immediately. I know that if you have something in your hand, then pressing it helps you in overcoming your anxiety thus I suggest you to keep something in your hand like a coin or a pen and press on it. In this way, your nervousness will reduce and no one will come to know about it. You can also continue with your conversation confidently.

No.6 C part. Be Smart. When you are nervous you keep fiddling with your hands. This repeated gesture is clearly visible to all. It gives a bad impression. Stop being conscious about your hands and their placement. People who are confident do not give much thought to their hands, in fact they are not even aware where their hands are going while they speak. If you are more concerned about your hands you won’t be able to focus on your words. So focus on your words, not on your hands!

Watch full video here.

In the next post you will read more about improving your body language.

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