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Today, I am sharing with you my 17 years of experience as a Public Speaker.

Sometimes you meet a person and say ‘wow! What a person.’ Sometimes, somebody looks creepy and at other times, you want to idolize a person.

What and where is the difference? The difference is in the Body Language.  This is not ‘what’ you speak. This is ‘how’ you speak that makes a difference.

Now there is a good news for you. And the good news is: ‘What’ means the content which needs 15-20 years of formal education and that’s not very important. ‘How’ means your body language, your voice modulation and that doesn’t require 15-20 years, not even 15-20 months. That can be improved in 15-20 hours.

So, here’s sharing with you a few tips in quick succession.

Tip No. 10:

Your standing posture:

Clasping your hands in front of your body, behind your back or in Vivekanand style; playing pocket billiards, holding your right arm or the left or placing your hands on the waist. All are a big no-no!

You should use your body language casually while speaking or while conversing with other people. Just be normal. Just be yourself.

Tip No. 9:

Watch other speakers, your ideals, motivational gurus. Observe how they speak. Watch their videos carefully but do not forget to mute it. Understand how they speak, their stance, their posture, but if you don’t mute the sound button; you will be swayed by their words and lose your concentration on their body language.

Tip No. 8:

When you stand, stand straight. Throw your shoulders back and hold your head high. Make sure you don’t slouch.

Tip No. 7:

Correct placement of feet.

A distance of 6-16 inches between the feet is the ideal position of placing your feet. But just don’t keep measuring it!!

Tip No.6: 

The direction of your toes.

The correct direction of the toes should be between 15 to 45 degrees. But again, don’t start measuring.

Tip No. 5:

A few exceptions to the above rules:

Standing in the T-posture or cross-legged with your hands in your pockets or even in the Vivekananda style is acceptable, is normal, is casual but for a few seconds only. Don’t overdo it!

Tip No. 4:

Some people are in the habit of jumping on their toes, some people are in the habit of bending their knees, while others are in the habit of bending forward or backwards while talking. Some twist their feet while speaking.

What is the solution to improve these defects? It is very simple!!

Get yourself recorded and then watch your mistakes. This way you’ll come to know your areas of improvement.

So, improve your body language by watching other’s videos… Improve your body language by watching your own videos… That’s it!!

Tip No. 3:

Your Sitting Posture.

A distance of more than 5 inches between your feet is not acceptable. You can either keep your knees pressed together or sit with your legs crossed.

And the best part is that you can sit cross legged in front of your seniors also but men can’t. Men sitting cross legged is fine but in front of seniors…avoid it!

Tip No.2:

The L-shaped posture.

Your sole should not be towards the people sitting next to you. And if you have people sitting on both of your sides, do not sit in an L-shaped posture.

Tip No. 1:

Sitting with your tummy bulging out or slouching or drooping your shoulders or sitting at the edge of the chair or just reclining on the chair are not the right sitting postures.

You must sit straight in the back of the chair or take the backrest, but don’t sit stiff as a rod!

Watch full video here.


So, these are some simple steps to improve your body language and become a confident person.

There would be much more coming up for you on body language and personality development. Subscribe to our channel and stay connected.

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