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Group Discussion – Do’s and Don’ts

Firstly, let us understand what is a group discussion? In this, a group of participants is given a topic to discuss for a given time and all the participants are assessed according to their performance. These days we see that many companies and institute are taking group discussion performance of a candidate as one of the criteria for screening the candidate for the next round. Making an impression in an interview, in a meeting, in a presentation and many more areas is a necessity. This is making it all the more important to be aware of the tips of handling a group discussion and to be able to do well in it.

Group Discussion Session at Anurag Aggarwal Institute of Public Speaking

A lot of skills are judged through it. Some of these skills are:

  • Your communication skills with others.
  • Your listening skills
  • Your knowledge about different subjects and various spheres
  • How effectively you put your point
  • Your way of thinking and analyzing
  • Your level of confidence and a lot more.

Considering that it is exceptionally important to make your presence felt in a Group Discussions let us see what are the do’s and don’ts you must keep in mind for the same:

  1. Set off the GD:
    Making the first move in the GD will bring you in the good books of the evaluators. But don’t forget that you must grab this opportunity only when are sure about the topic and have good knowledge about it. It may otherwise leave a bad impression.
  2. Make an eye contact:

While you are speaking, make an eye contact with other participants.

  1. Be confident:

Besides speaking confidently, it also includes sitting in a confident posture and a positive body language.

  1. Speak logically:

Speaking just for the sake of speaking without having anything valid to say would only leave a negative impact. Speak to take the discussion forward with some good issues and not just to increase your speaking time.

  1. Try involving other participants:

Yes, this also counted as a positive point if you are able to make others give their opinion also. Also, allow others to speak. Speak your mind out but don’t try to dominate others.

  1. Listen to others:

Recognize that all the participants have something valuable to say. While others speak, listen to them with full attention. Keep nodding while they speak as this would make them feel listened.

  1. Be clear and polite:

Use a language that can be understood by all. Your choice of words should be simple enough to be understandable. And even if you disagree with some views that others put forward, you must be polite enough to say that.

  1. Take the discussion in the right direction:

If the discussion happens to go off the track, take the initiative of bringing it back in the right direction.

  1. Wear formal clothing:

Don’t wear something casual or fancy. Be formally dressed up.

These are a few basic things you should keep in mind while you prepare for a Group Discussion. Your public speaking skills, presentation skills, your personality, your body language all are measured in a Group Discussion so it is always advised to prepare well in advance and you may put more stress on the current affairs for the same.

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  1. Wishing you all the best for strengthening people by facilitating them in rediscovering there personality and making them more successful professionals and human beings.

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