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Stress Management by Anurag AggarwalIn this ever changing and always challenging world almost everyone is finding himself under stress. And no wonders that this stress is much more than ever before no matters what your occupation or level of seniority or salary may be. Most of the times, we feel that our mind is not in our control. We have no time to relax our self. And because of this excessive stress we also hamper our efficiency. This stress plays the role of a barrier in our productivity. Stress reduces our health mentally, physically and emotionally. We are taken back in our personality development due to this stress. The main cause of heart diseases and many other diseases is stress.

“Much of the stress that people feel doesn’t come from having too much to do. It comes from not finishing what they’ve started.” -David Allen

With time management, anger management and self management, stress management is also an important component of personality development. Stress at work has become such a common feature of all the jobs that one cannot find such job that is stress-free. It is therefore utmost important to find out ways and strategies so as to reduce stress at work thus showing improvement in your productivity and making yourself more efficient, controlled, joyous and a cheerful person. Stress has an impact on the quality of your interaction with others as it harms your communication skills. The more you have the capability to manage stress, the better you would spread positive energy around you.

Here are some quick tips to manage stress at work:

1.    A “GOOD MORNING” SHOULD ACTUALLY BE GOOD. If you start your day healthily without any hassles, you can be assured to be able to reduce your stress. But screaming at someone or the other for not doing the work properly at home, dodging the traffic, cribbing about your city roads and people would surely make you stress right from the morning itself. So start your day with eating or drinking something healthy, looking to the positive sides of things and keeping your plans for the day well in your mind.

2.    ACCEPT THAT EVERYTHING CANNOT BE PERFECT. We realize that everyone happens to commit mistake some time or the other, but we are never ready to accept that how something can be imperfect. Efforts on attaining a cent percent perfect decision, project or situation is just inviting stress to you. You just have to make sure that you and other people related to you give the best so that no one can question.

3.    KEEP THE SURROUNDING CLEAN. Another reason for stress is working at a place that is messed up, unorganized and unmanaged. So the first thing you must do when you reach your work place is cleaning up your desk. Arrange it the way you would be using it. Schedule your day, make a to-do list, note down the meetings to be attended and put them on your desk.

4.    TALK IT OUT. If at any time you feel over-stressed, share your feeling and thoughts with others. Talking your heart out to someone works wonders. Talking over a problem with someone can be very supportive as the other person is able to empathize. For this make many friends at your workplace. Listen to them and help them also when they are in need.

5.    THINK POSITIVE. One who always looks at the negative side of everything finds himself drained of energy, motivation and personality. Keep yourself positive and try to be in the company of the people who are optimists. Do not let any negative thinking person get in the way your mind and give you stress.

6.    TAKE A BREAK. The moment you realize that your stress is mounting, take a break. Try to meditate or go for a small walk near the work place or indulge yourself in something not related to this work. This will help you to regain your mental balance and your stress will be reduced.

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