30. Duties of Master of Ceremony
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30. Duties of Master of Ceremony

The primary responsibility of the Master of Ceremony is to serve as a gracious host. An ideal MC is a person who has poise, presence and who can command the interest of an audience.

The Master of Ceremony is responsible for ensuring that the event runs smoothly and on time.  It is his duty to see to it that all important people are introduced in professional manner. Being a successful Master of Ceremony requires preparation and ability to adjust to the situation to ensure a successful event. Here are some of them:

  1. Review the program in advance and learn how to pronounce names and titles of performances/ performers.
  2. Arrive early to check with the registration desk to see who has checked in.
  3. Make sure the performers are in the building and ready to perform.
  4. Have an agenda or a detailed script, jokes, information appropriate to the contest, about yourself, bridging material, judging information..
  5. The key to the success of any public speaking event: Start on time and end on time.
  6. Be prepared. Be aware that anything can happen and have a plan to address problems that might occur. You need to be resourceful, creative, and able to respond to problems without panic.
  7. Introduce yourself pleasantly and cheerfully.
  8. Welcome the audience present; introduce the program and remind them the reason for the event.
  9. The main duty of the MC is to get the attention of the audience.  Often a clever gimmick can be worked out to get their attention.
  10. Outline the upcoming program briefly.
  11. An MC can make or break any public speaking program, so it is up to you how you conduct it.
  12. An MC should dress according to the program that he is going to conduct.
  13. Main job of an MC is to talk to the crowd. Being an MC, you are keeping them informed about the public speaking ceremony, and giving the featured individual time to prepare to go onstage.
  14. Eye contact with the listeners is important. Look at the listeners while you speak. Listen and look out for their advice like you do in other public speaking ceremonies.
  15. Use more of humour, proverbs, quotes and stories. These should fit well with the topic and the people you are introducing.
  16. Wear a smile for the entire event. If you keep smiling, this will show that you are enjoying and having a good time. It will also help you to be at ease and even the audience. If you are getting nervous then think of some happy and funny situations and start discussing them with the listeners. This would also add to your personality.
  17. Eye contact is essential.  Watch and listen for feedback from your attendees. This depicts a confident personality.
  18. Thank the upcoming speakers and lead the applause for them and the organisers of the public speaking experience.
  19. At the end, thank the audience and mention some highlights of the event.
  20. Being a Master of Ceremony states: “Close the event with as much enthusiasm as you opened the event.”  At the end of the session it is customary to thank the speakers and thank all who attended for their participation.  It is a good idea to include comments which summarize what was experienced or achieved in this public speaking event. Also, if anyone was of particular help to you in organizing and conducting the event, thank them publicly at this point.

“The perfect M.C. makes the audience feel they have profited from attending the function, and that they have also had a good time”. – Letitia Baldrige

Be prepared, have fun, and keep the event moving.  Don’t panic!

Leave your stage fright at home and impress everyone with your magical personality.

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