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Knowing how to introduce a speaker is an essential part of public speaking as we come across the same in many of our public speaking projects. Our presentation skills are also reflected in the way we introduce a speaker. All your public speaking skills from spontaneity, voice modulation, presentation to influence on the audience are tested when you have to give the introduction of a speaker.

First of all let us recall the basic guidelines we read in the previous article.

And now we have some tips for the same:

  1. Address the audience.
  2. Prepare and practice adequately as we always do in public speaking.
  3. Refer to the speaker, his background, qualifications, achievements or interests.
  4. Never say “This speaker needs no introduction…” ? No matter how well-known a speaker may be, the audience would surely benefit from a brief introduction.
  5. Refer to the topic the speaker is going to speak on. This would help them connect better to the speaker.
  6. Avoid discouraging the speaker by giving too many details about the speech, telling anecdotes from their speech, or making promises about details in their presentation.
  7. Welcome the speaker and lead the applause.
  8. Avoid reciting a lengthy list of biographical details which may or may not be relevant to the topic.
  9. Do not alter the speech title at any cost.
  10. Ensure a smooth transition. Wait for the speaker to come to you on the stage or at the lectern and then shake hands before you leave. Shaking hand indicates that you are “handing the floor” to them.
  11. Your vocal delivery (strength and volume) should build toward the end of your introduction but does not mean that you should yell.

Here’s a sample script for introducing a speaker in your next public speaking project:

(Approach lectern and face audience)
Thank you Mr/Madam _______. Ladies and Gentlemen, It gives me an immense pleasure to introduce ___________ (speaker’s name) who is giving his speech no. _____ on _________ (topic).  The title of ______________ (speaker’s name) speech is _______ (speech title).  The objectives of the speech are __________________.
Today we are going to find out ________________ (short description of talk and reason or anything special).
The timing for this speech is ____ minutes.  Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming our guest speaker, _________ (speaker’s name).
(Lead applause and sit down)

*Remember that the last word you say in the introduction of a speaker should always be the speaker’s name.

Mr. Anurag Aggarwal, the author of this article provides training on public speaking at Anurag Aggarwal Institute of Public Speaking which has 10 centres in Delhi NCR. For more details, visit or call +91-9971776852.

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