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A Pathway to Personality Development

“Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world. If you compare, you are insulting yourself.”

Each of us has a personality that makes us unique. Our personality makes us shine and brings success in the various spheres of our life. By honing our capabilities and qualities, we ensure and help ourselves to grow. Here are a few key ways for personality development. With consistent practice on these fronts of personality development, you can become a person with a pleasing and dynamic personality.

  1. Confidence: It is a necessity not a luxury in your life. You need self confidence before you take upon a venture, during the performance and after having completed the responsibility. It determines the shape that our lives take, the success that come to us, the kind of relationships we foster and our peace of mind. Believe in yourself and your capabilities, you will yourself gain the strength to deal with the various challenges. Developing confidence in you is one of the most important requisites for personality development.
  2. Define goals: Goals give a sense of purpose and direction in our lives. Without goals, our lives seem to wander. “Life without goal is like cricket without wicket.” Goals implant a sense of positive energy, enhance determination and hence they are important for personality development.
  3. Time management: “The only time that is yours is the PRESENT”. We cannot go back in time or step into the future, so we must make the best use of our present. Prioritize your tasks and sort your to-do list accordingly. This will help you give your valuable time and energies to people and things that are important to you.
  4. Positivity: The entire world works on the basis of positivity. Positive mind helps you to achieve things that you thought were impossible for you. Practicing positive thinking will help you see the difference in your attitude. It is quite natural for anyone to get worries or feel pessimistic when something goes wrong, but the quicker your comeback to a positive state of mind, the quicker you will find a solution to your problem.
  5. Appreciation: The moment you stop thinking about the integrity in others or charms around you, you may tend to feel bogged down by the faults or the boredom of life. Keeping an open mind and appreciating yourself and others will keep you happy and you will be open to new challenges. This will help you to take a step further towards personality development.
  6. Balanced approach: Oscillating towards the extremes can be quite demanding. Keep checking your emotions and your thoughts. A balanced approach to anything and everything makes it easier for you to accept success and failure with ease. Balance is also essential to make a distinction among different aspects of life such as work and personal time. Bringing work home disrupts your family or personal time.
  7. Sense of humour: Having a sense of humour is not only good for the health but also acts a stress buster. Being able to laugh at your own is also an endearing quality. Many a times, a laugh in a very stressful situation indeed makes the tension less and eases people around you and enable them to see the situation in a better light.
  8. Continuous learning: Learning new work at office, or teaching your child grammar; fixing a broken car or cooking a dish for your friend…everything is a learning experience. We learn and unlearn consistently. Having a passion to learn things keeps your mind active. Your personality develops and keeps getting better as you learn.
  9. Personal habits: Personal hygiene and habits can make or break our personality. Each of us has our own mannerisms and personal traits that are either bothersome or appealing. Practicing good habits makes a pleasing personality and you will find it easier to be accepted by others.
  10. Creative: Think out of the box, think different, fire your imagination and get creative in whatever you do. Whether planning a vacation or explaining a concept to your team at office. Creativity not only makes life interesting for you but also brings rewards and appreciation from others.

“‘Changing the face’ can change nothing. But “facing the change” can change everything.”

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