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No matter how veteran you are in public speaking, when it comes to giving a speech you always have some key points one must keep in mind to give your best. You always want that your audience remembers you and your speech for good. So here are some points to give an effective speech:

  1. Practice- This is one thing you just can’t afford to ignore. Practice your speech numerous times and always keep in mind the kind audience you will be addressing. Prepare your speech with their needs in mind. The more you have the knowledge of your topic, the more confident you would feel.
  2. Check your posture. You must appear confident throughout your presentation. As we know, different postures depict different moods. Your posture must match with your speech, be it formal or informal. But in both cases, confidence is must. Avoid standing behind the lectern if possible.
  3. Have bonding with the audience- Being nervous is obvious but at the same time you have to be relaxed and you must connect with your audience. This is one challenge faced by most speakers. Connect with your audience using eye contact, gestures, use of language etc.
  4. Focus on the need of the audience- Your message should be simple, clear and focused. While preparing your speech, you must the purpose of your speech and what is there for the audience to take away.
  5. Begin your speech actively- This will surely make a difference. Seeing your excitement, enthusiasm and activeness, your audience will also behave in the same manner. But remember, nothing should be overdone. You may start with a story, an example, a question or anything you are comfortable with.
  6. Use voice modulation- Using voice modulation adds an impact in your speech. Your volume (should be just as loud so that audience can hear you clearly), your pitch (like higher pitch when asking something), your pace (should be neither to slow nor too fast to be understood). All these thing counts. Don’t speak monotonously. Add a little drama through your voice.

There is a lot more that you can do in public speaking. You must remember that all speakers need to work really well before they come on the stage. You also have to be flexible in changing your speech just in case you feel that it is not suitable for your audience. And flexibility comes with time. The more speeches you give, the more aware you are of bringing changes to it on the spot.

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