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Presentations have always been a great way to make your talk really effective and are an important part of public speaking. This could be a powerpoint presentation or any other way of presenting your talk. Since the technology is developing, powerpoint presentations are becoming more popular in all the professions.

A good powerpoint presentation has to be made with great care since these presentations can make you go steps further in your profession.

Seth Godin, a renowned marketer and presenter, says “The purpose of a presentation is to sell your idea”.

Let us understand the essential points to be considered while making a powerpoint presentation.

  1. Keep it simple- It is good to keep your slides really simple as your main focus is to deliver the message. The message should be delivered in simple and clear way.
  2. Minimize text and bullet points- Use images and other visual contents thereby keeping the text to minimum. Images are more catchy than the text. Too much of text and bullets will bore your audience.
  3. Number of Slides- Limit the number of slides to a maximum of 10 as far as possible. Each slide is generally expected to give something new and giving 10 new things at a time are good enough to be grasped. Too many slides, too many concepts may confuse your listeners.
  4. Choice of Font,its Size and Color- Font plays a major role in making your powerpoint presentation a success. The font you choose should be easy to read. Avoid using extremely creative fonts.Choose simple fonts (like SansSenif) with an appropriate size and color which is readable by even the ones sitting in the last.
  5. Avoid Excessive Use of Transitions and Animations- Use of transitions and animations should be done with great care. Use subtle animations. Animations like ‘fly” etc are slow and may break the concentration. For transitions between the slides, use it only in limited slides and not all the slides. Keep the transitions simple too.
  6. Use Quality Images- Know matter how impressive your images may be, if they are low quality, all your efforts will become useless. Remember that your images would be displayed on large screen so they should be clear, crisp and of high resolution.
  7. Appropriate Use of Charts- Don’t put too much information on the charts and choose the appropriate chart (pie chart, horizontal chart, vertical chart, line chart etc.) to explain your data successfully.

These are a few points that would make your powerpoint presentations more effective. Following these basic points, you may further make your presentations better with other things.

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