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Speakers often overlook the importance of movement on stage while speaking but they should remind themselves of the same. It is one major step that helps the speaker to connect with the audience.

When you come on the stage to deliver a speech or a presentation, you must remember that the stage is totally yours and its upto you how you cultivate it- leave it barren or bring the best out of it.

Public speaking trainer Anurag Aggarwal

When we talk about public speaking, we are familiar that it is not about what you say but how you say it that matters. ‘How you say it’ comprises mainly of your body language and your voice modulation. In this post, we are going to discuss some body language tips to make a note of when you are on the stage.

  1. Maintain a good posture. Enter the stage with poise. Even before you begin speaking, your audience is able to make out how confident and professional you are. It is your posture that shows your level of confidence to the audience. Maintain a straight and erect posture. Your body should look free rather than looking stiff. Neck up, spine lengthened, chest open and shoulders fallen slightly back- this should be your body posture.
  2. Keep your feet shoulder width apart. Your hands should be by your side and not clasped at your back. Don’t keep your hands in your pockets either. This is a sign of lack of confidence.
  3. Making eye contact with the audience is certainly an important thing to do. Staring is a complete no. You must try to look at as many people as possible. Audience sitting right there in front of you and those sitting at the end- nobody should be ignored.
  4. Smile and be positive. A pleasant smile on your face gives you confidence and the audience feels welcomed. Do not overdo this. Keep yourself positive even if things are not turning out in your favour. Your vibes would help the audience also to stay positive towards you.
  5. Be at-ease when using the logistics available on the stage. Handling them in a hurry may create chaos and spoil other things. Be calm and use them the way you wanted to.
  6. Use your hand movements effectively but once again reminding you not to overdo it. Moving your hands to explain would enhance your level of confidence. It helps in giving stress on particular points.

Also remember to cover up the stage with your movement. Move here and there on the stage in no predefined manner though too much of movement may distract the audience. So be careful to limit it to a decent extend.

Your body language speaks louder than your words. Be very particular and careful about it. You can either impress or depress your audience with your body language. Work as hard on your body language as you do on your speech.

Keep going and keep growing in public speaking.

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  1. Interesting article!!! I have been wanting to learn how to read a body language and i am looking for a body language trainer. It really helps in various fields. Please let me know the fees.

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