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3 Major Business Mistakes by Anurag Aggarwal

I have been into business since 1984 and so have an experience of around 34 years. Earlier I was with my father in his chemicals business for 2 years, then I ran a factory of corrugated boxes and the for 13 yrs I was a fashion designer and was manufacturing garments. For 18 years now I have been in this profession of public speaking and business training. So with all these years of experience, today I am sharing with you 3 major mistakes I did in business. You must become aware of these mistakes so that you can avoid them. I will also give you disclaimers for the same. I learn from my mistakes and similarly you should also learn from them so that you can minimize the mistakes you do in business. So here are the three major mistakes/learnings.

  1. Never trust people blindly– be that your team, your friends or anyone. Keep things in your hands so that others cannot blackmail you. (watch from 1:50 min.)
  2. Money is not God but it is not lesser than God either. Respect money. You may face embarrassments in many situations if you are not giving importance to money. (watch from 5:06 min.)
  3. Sell the junk. If your goods are perishable, fashionable or electronic gadgets then you must sell them immediately. Other than these things, you may keep the goods for some time. (watch from 7:23 min.)

Avoid these major mistakes that I did. And most importantly, learn from your mistakes.

Watch the complete video here.