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Delegation is one of the most effective and crucial management skills. If you lack the ability to delegate, it may be difficult for you to reach to a higher position in management. Delegation helps in bringing out the from the people and using their potential to the maximum. Most important point to be considered in delegation is that the right task is delegated to the right person.

  1. Let go. One of the major problems many new bosses and people in higher management have been facing is the lack of ability to let go of their own tasks. Many times they feel so committed to finishing their work that they say no to let others help them. They also fear that no one else has the abilities required to carry out the task efficiently. They believe that their task can be done perfectly only and only by them which is not always true.
  2. Avoid looking for perfection. Your main purpose should be to get the task/work done. Just set a minimum standard and a particular time frame in which you want the work to be done. Try to overlook minor mistakes (This does not mean that you would accept a work that is below the desired standard).
  3. Provide appropriate instructions. No matter how easy or difficult the task may be, it is always good to instruct how you want the task to be done. It will only make it easier to understand for your sub-ordinates.
  4. Know the strength of the employees. Also know their weaknesses. Assess their potential & scope improving their skills. This would help you in assigning the tasks in a more effective way.
  5. Delegate to the lowest level possible. This is required because the closer the people are to the task, the better they would perform. They would have more knowledge about that particular work.
  6. Verify the work from time to time. You may discuss on a schedule of checkpoints at which you will occasionally verify the work in progress.
  7. Be there to resolve any queries. Support them at any place where they get struck and need help. Be supportive.
  8. New employees should be given smaller tasks so as to boost up their confidence level.

Brian Tracy says “If you want the job done right, you have to learn how to delegate it properly so that it can be done to the proper standard’’. If you would know how and when to delegate, your management system would become stronger.

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