How to Break Factory Strike- Business Training by Anurag Aggarwal
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I have faced factory strikes many times earlier when I had the business of corrugated boxes and garments and from all those factory strikes I have learnt that no person gains out from these factory strikes (except for that one person because of whom these may occur). Workers, labourers, society and even the country- all are at a loss when these strikes happen. The productivity goes down and the workers have to go without salary for many months. Due to these increasing strikes, trading and importing in India has gone up whereas manufacturing is reducing day by day.

You must make all the efforts to stop these factory strikes. Here we will discuss on how to break factory strikes. (Click here for full video)

  1. Outsource your Production (from 2:36 min) – When you outsource your production, the unrest of the labour will be on the other person and not you. Your work will only be to take the decision, see the management and designs etc.
  2. Divide your Production (from 3:34 min) – Instead of having a big factory, have a number of small factories. The labour would be divided which would reduce the chances of factory strike as the labour would not be united. Also, even if there is a strike one of the factories, the work would continue in other factories at least.
  3. Don’t Hire Locals (from 4:33 min) – If you employ locals, they may for a higher salary and may create a mess in case you fire them for any reason. Keep non-local people. You may have to give more transport, residential, more salary to non-locals but in the longer run they would be beneficial to you.
  4. Be Watchful (from 5:29 min) – Always keep an eye on the workers. Make sure that they do not team up as it would be their profit and your loss. Everybody wants his/her profit- vendors, buyers, workers, employees etc. and that’s the reason why you should be alert.
  5. Don’t Let Them Unite (from 6:51 min) – Do not let the labour get united. If that happens, then their head should be a person you can trust on. If it would be so, then the chances of strike would be negligible but still if the strike happens then it is your responsibility to work for their welfare.
  6. Informers at Every Level (from 7:39 min) – At each level, there must be someone who keep informing you about the most secret things happenings among the workers. If you would be informed about each and every thing, then you would be prepared for any kind of unrest beforehand and you may take the necessary action to stop the strike from happening.

There are many other solutions to break the factory strike but these solutions would certainly help you.

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